Sami Zayn: “Securing the WWE World Championship prior to my retirement is something I aspire to achieve.”

Sami Zayn: “Securing the WWE World Championship prior to my retirement is something I aspire to achieve.”
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In a candid conversation with Alex McCarthy from Daily Mail, WWE superstar Sami Zayn opened up about his dream to claim a World Champion title in WWE.

Zayn went into detail about why he believes his chances of becoming a WWE Champion would have been higher under Vince McMahon’s leadership compared to Triple H.

Zayn explained, “Here’s my viewpoint. I have the feeling that Hunter perceives me differently than how Vince did, especially when it comes to being a hero. I believe Vince viewed me more as a villain, primarily due to certain aggravating characteristics he thought made me a superb antagonist character. Having said that, I also believe that the unpredictable nature of Vince’s week-to-week tactics allowed for certain unforeseeable opportunities – a roll of the dice so to speak, where I could just hit the jackpot and suddenly be crowned champion. However, with Hunter, I sense he’s a man of long-term planning, and if you’re not initially a part of that blueprint, the probabilities of piercing through that plan are significantly low.”

Zayn added, “It’s somewhat of a dilemma. He might perceive me in a manner that situates me more in the champion race and possibly emerging victorious. Yet, on the flip side, I could have lucked into winning the world title with Vince. My priority is to do my best. I strive to deliver top-notch performances, exhibit as much passion as I can, and weave the most captivating stories. My ambition is to hopefully have these efforts pave my way to the World Championship. I’d love to hold that title at least once before my time in the ring is up. Don’t mistake me, that’s something I really aim for, but my existence doesn’t revolve solely around this ambition. While it’d be fantastic and honestly, it warms my heart hearing fans saying they’d love me to win, if it doesn’t happen, I’m still grateful for every moment I’ve been able to enjoy in this remarkable journey.”