Rowan On Not Reaching His Full Potential, Staying Away From Brodie Lee

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Rowan On Not Reaching His Full Potential, Staying Away From Brodie Lee

erick rowan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

We haven’t seen the best of Erick Redbeard, known to WWE fans as Rowan. While there were flashes of creativity on SmackDown in his final storyline alongside Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, the big man said in a recent interview that he was growing all the time on SmackDown, but the same can’t be said for RAW. “I know they didn’t think I was gonna succeed, because I wouldn’t have had people come up to me backstage and be like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re doing this’ and then week after week after week, all of a sudden, they’re letting me talk, they’re letting me do more and more and more. So they were trusting me more and more and more, and then it just stopped when I got put onto RAW.”

Rowan also knows that he isn’t done growing as a performer. He knew that was true as soon as he got word that he was one of the many wrestlers fired by WWE in April. “I’m not even 40 yet so, I haven’t even hit the peak of my career and haven’t even got to begin to show people — these interviews that I do are so beneficial to show people that, ‘Hey, I have a voice, I can speak.’ I’m more than just some brute in the background on some weekly show or some guy that terrorizes people with a cage that’s smaller than them.”

As for where we may see Rowan reach his goals, he has several ideas. “They have some big boys over at IMPACT, they’ve got some big boys over at ROH. You know, and that’s not even getting into overseas stuff.” As far as AEW is concerned, Rowan is receptive to their audience, but doesn’t want to fall into the same old storylines.

I think Brodie [Lee] would say this as well, we need to stay the hell away from each other. Just keep finding each other somehow.

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