David Spade Praises Roman Reign’s Acting Chops & Professionalism

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David Spade Praises Roman Reigns’ Acting Chops & Professionalism

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Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for AT&T

The new Netflix film The Wrong Missy starring David Spade released on Netflix last month and not only does is star the man who can “see down your shirt” in Joe Dirt, but it has a small appearance by Roman Reigns. Kayla Braxton gets the hook up with the two stars to discuss their time sharing a scene with one another. Spade had very high praise for Roman’s professionalism and his ability to handle himself on a film selt.

“What I liked about it is he’s super professional, you’ve probably gotten that before but maybe a little out of your element,” Spade said. “He was what you should be on a movie. He was very polite, nice to everyone, listen to the director and friendly and on top of that, played it very ‘under’ which I wouldn’t even know what to expect. I don’t think I knew you were a professional wrestler, I just thought, ‘This guy looks exactly perfect to a guy that’s going to beat me up.'”

Spade then commended Roman Reigns on his acting chops.

“When I saw the movie, he played it very low and didn’t go overboard and didn’t overact or anything so I think that really helped that scene worked.”

Roman in turn, gave the former Joe Dirt a tip of the cap, saying that watching him was a learning experience as he continues to dabble in the art of show business.

“You were super cordial. I mean this is your movie, I’m just a guest on it. You were nice to me. We were talking before, you’ve probably done 50, 60 movies and for you to be able to just treat everybody like it was your first day on the job I thought that was neat and it was just a good experience for me to learn and just continue to gain experience on how to do it the right way.”

It’s a 13-minute interview with the two stars and you can see it all below courtesy of The Big Dog himself:

#TheBigDog @WWERomanReigns and @DavidSpade talk meeting on the set of #TheWrongMissy, blind dates & more! @netflix https://t.co/8r0Ox6ul2q

— WWE (@WWE) June 4, 2020

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