Ross And Marshall Von Erich Talk Their Unique Upbringing & The Effective Method Of MLW

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Ross And Marshall Von Erich Talk Their Unique Upbringing & The Effective Method Of MLW

Ross And Marshall Von Erich

Photo Credit: MLW

MLW is getting ready to return to Dallas on January 11 of 2020 and in light of that, The Dallas Morning News has done a huge feature on the company and the rise of Ross and Marshall Von Erich.

The piece by Reece Kelley Graham goes into great detail in the upbringing and pro wrestling growth of Ross & Marshall Von Erich. Graham references the historic and tragic past of their wrestling family in Dallas and keeps fans up to speed on the significance of the two young brothers making the decision of going into the wrestling business.

Both Marshall and Ross talk of their arduous training in Japan and what kept pulling them through was a call from a higher power and share their father Kevin making the decision to move the family to Hawaii back in 2007.

“My dad saw a lot of tragedy in Texas,” Marshall said. “Everything there was reminding him of his brothers.”

“I needed this ocean,” Kevin says.

The brothers don’t go out and party post-matches, but treat their bodies like temples by eating clean and healthy.

“We’re country boys from Texas,” Ross said. “Fishing, hunting, surfing — that’s what country boys do here. It’s the same lifestyle for us, just a different environment.”

The article continues to cover the two making their decision to get into pro wrestling and training down at the late Harley Race’s school in Missouri. In addition the piece covers Major League Wrestling and Court Bauer’s method of handling the Von Erichs, who is certain to not get “cheap heat” when it comes to telling the story of one of wrestling’s most storied families.

“Ross and Marshall must have their own identities,” Bauer explained. “They must be their own men. If they become replicas … we’ll just be doing a karaoke version of the Von Erichs.”

You can read Graham’s very in-depth piece in it’s entirety by going here.

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