Ronnie Garvin Reflects on his Feud with Jake Roberts and Discusses Collaborating with His Father

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On a recent edition of “The Snake Pit” podcast, Ronnie Garvin reflected on feuding with WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts, working with Jake’s father, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On wrestling Jake Roberts: “Well, you had a real unique style, and that was good. You know, it was a pleasure. It was just, you know, I tell people, I said it was like a dancer. If you dance with a bad dancer, you’re going to have a bad dance. And if you dance with a great dancer, you know. You’re going to have a great match. Today, I don’t know what they do. I don’t watch.”

On The Iron Sheik: “He was a character. Well you know, you put a tough guy, but he had his own ways, I’ll tell you. I worked with him a lot in Puerto Rico.”

On working with Jake Robert’s father: “Oh, I loved to work with him. I think I worked with him — not many times, maybe three or four. And there’s a story. I think it was the first or second time I worked with him, I realized that if I punched him under the chin, I was at the end of my head, but I didn’t barely touch him. He was so tall. What was he? 6’6, 6’7. He was so tall I didn’t have to — I just went, ‘Okay, well…’ I just reached right under the chin, but I never had to stop. And he’d hit the ropes and hit him. And he’d stagger. He staggered and hit the rope about two or three times. And when he went down, this mark came in the ring to help him. ‘Oh, that’s weird.’ And it in Louisiana somewhere. And I said, ‘Man, I can’t believe it. I’m in the ring with a guy that’s six-eight and a big old guy, and this guy’s coming in to help him.’ But I mean, he went down, man. It was — Oh, geez. It was so simple”

On whether a fan tried to attack him: “I never had anybody pulled a knife but I had them come in the ring. They didn’t stay there very long. I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I forgot what the wrestlers name is for Bill Watts. He was the champion. Nice guy. And I got him tied up in the ropes, and I’m just beating the hell out of him. And all of a sudden, I see this guy slide under the bottom rope, slid in the ring on his fours. And when he raised up and I looked, he was tall. His belt buckle was high level with me, I swear to god. He had a green shirt. I’ll never forgot. Before he could do anything, man, I got behind him. I took him down, and then I stayed behind him. And I tried to get his eyes and his mouth. And I was punching him on the side of the head. And the cops finally got him out of the ring, and he was bleeding. And the cops after, they said, ‘We liked it. We didn’t want to pull him out of the ring, but we got paid to do it…’

“I remember another occasion. There was this guy, probably in his early 20s, tall guy. I got thrown out of the ring, and he was sitting at ringside, and he pushed me with his foot. It didn’t hurt me, but he shoved me in the ribs. So I’m on the floor. I turned around, looked and saw him, and I was going to drill him in his seat, but I rolled back into the ring. After the match was over, there was an aisle to go to my dressing room. Well, I wasn’t looking, I just had my head down, kind of. And I’m walking towards the dressing room. All of a sudden, I see this guy standing there. He’s like this [arms crossed], and he says, ‘Go around.’ And said, ‘Your mother is a wh*re.’ And he went [gapes]. I headbutted him on the nose and walked to the dressing room.”

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In a recent episode of “The Snake Pit” podcast, former professional wrestler Ronnie Garvin discussed his experiences feuding with WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts, working with Jake’s father, and some interesting encounters with fans. Here are some highlights from the podcast:

When asked about wrestling Jake Roberts, Garvin praised Roberts’ unique style and compared their matches to a dance. He emphasized the importance of having a great dance partner in the ring, as it can make or break a match. Garvin admitted that he is not familiar with the current state of professional wrestling and does not watch it.

Garvin also shared his thoughts on working with The Iron Sheik, another legendary wrestler. He described The Iron Sheik as a character and mentioned that he had the opportunity to work with him extensively in Puerto Rico.

One of the most interesting stories Garvin shared was about working with Jake Roberts’ father. He expressed his admiration for the elder Roberts and recalled a specific incident during one of their matches. Garvin realized that he could punch Roberts’ father under the chin without actually making contact because of his impressive height. This led to a sequence where Roberts’ father would hit the ropes and stagger, creating an entertaining spectacle for the audience.

Garvin also recounted a couple of incidents involving fans attempting to enter the ring. While he never had anyone pull a knife on him, he did have fans come into the ring briefly. In one instance, during a match in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a fan managed to slide into the ring unnoticed. Garvin quickly took him down and started punching him until the police intervened. The fan ended up bleeding, and the police later admitted that they enjoyed the spectacle but had to remove him from the ring as part of their job.

In another incident, a fan sitting at ringside pushed Garvin with his foot during a match. Although it didn’t hurt him, Garvin considered retaliating by drilling the fan in his seat. However, he decided to roll back into the ring instead. After the match, as Garvin was walking towards the dressing room, he encountered the same fan blocking his path and hurling insults at him. Garvin responded by headbutting the fan on the nose before continuing to the dressing room.

The podcast episode also included a video embed of “The Snake Pit” episode featuring Ronnie Garvin, allowing fans to watch the full conversation.

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In conclusion, Ronnie Garvin’s reflections on his experiences wrestling Jake Roberts, working with Jake’s father, and dealing with fans provide an interesting glimpse into the world of professional wrestling. These stories showcase the unique dynamics and challenges that wrestlers face both inside and outside the ring.