EC3 Reveals His Desired WWE Superstars for the NWA

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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 knows which former WWE Superstars he’d like to see join the promotion when the time is right.

In September, WWE parted ways with over a dozen Superstars in the first cuts to the roster since the launch of TKO Group Holdings.


Speaking on a recent edition of the “MuscleManMalcolm” podcast, EC3 was asked which former Superstars he’d like to see in Billy Corgan’s company. He said,

“I would want Elias in the NWA. Knowing him, we have a lot of similarities, but we also have a lot of differences. I think he created himself. He’s super, outside the box thinker and creative. He ran with something very, very far that probably shouldn’t have had legs, but his talent brought it into the forefront. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves as a wrestler. He’s jacked and ferocious looking. I think we could do some really good things.

“[Madcap Moss] could be one. He’s a stud as an athlete. He’s never experienced the business outside the developmental system and the WWE. So I don’t even think what he’s capable of when you have the kind of tools that he have. You can forge yourself as opposed to being told what’s good all the time. Obviously a guy like Zigs would be amazing, so I’d love to beat him for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Those are three good ones.”

While EC3 would like to see these ex-Superstars in the company, it won’t happen just yet. The 90-day non-compete clause talent are facing will expire on December 20.

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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 Reveals Former WWE Superstars He’d Like to See in the Promotion

EC3, the current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, recently shared his thoughts on which former WWE Superstars he would like to see join the promotion in the future. This comes after WWE released over a dozen Superstars in September, marking the first roster cuts since the launch of TKO Group Holdings.

During an appearance on the “MuscleManMalcolm” podcast, EC3 was asked about his preferences for potential additions to Billy Corgan’s company. He mentioned three former Superstars he believes would be a great fit for NWA.

First on his list is Elias, whom EC3 sees as having a lot in common with himself. He praised Elias for his creativity and ability to think outside the box, stating that he created a unique character that brought him into the spotlight. EC3 also emphasized that Elias deserves more recognition for his wrestling skills, describing him as a jacked and ferocious-looking athlete.

Next, EC3 mentioned Madcap Moss, highlighting his athleticism and potential for growth outside of the WWE developmental system. He believes that Moss has yet to fully explore his capabilities and forge his own path in the wrestling business.

Lastly, EC3 expressed his interest in facing Dolph Ziggler for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He acknowledged Ziggler’s talent and stated that defeating him for the title would be a significant accomplishment.

However, fans will have to wait a little longer before seeing these ex-Superstars in NWA. The 90-day non-compete clause that talent faces after leaving WWE will expire on December 20.

EC3’s comments have sparked speculation and excitement among wrestling enthusiasts, who are eager to see how NWA’s roster may evolve in the coming months. With EC3’s endorsement, these former WWE Superstars may find themselves with new opportunities to showcase their skills and make an impact in the world of professional wrestling.

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