Ronda Rousey Featured In 9-1-1 Preview Clip, EVOLVE 3-Day Recruitment Camp Set

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Ronda Rousey Featured In 9-1-1 Preview Clip, EVOLVE 3-Day Recruitment Camp SetRonda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Featured In 9-1-1 Preview Clip

The Wrap has a preview clip for FOX’s 9-1-1 TV series. Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is set to appear in a recurring role for the series.

You can watch the clip here:

EVOLVE 3-Day Recruitment Camp Set

EVOLVE has announced their next recruitment camp. The following details were sent out:

EVOLVE Sets Seminar/Tryout Schedule For 2019 – Announces Next 3-Day Camp

The WWN Seminar/Tryout and WWN Recruitment Camp will now be under the EVOLVE banner. We are very excited to announce several opportunities for the rest of 2019, including the next 3-Day EVOLVE Recruitment Camp. Applications and more info are available in the Seminar/Tryout section.

We are very proud of the contributions of the EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout and EVOLVE Recruitment Camp. This is open to all wrestlers, referees and managers who have completed a reputable training course. It is now open to ring announcers and commentators with past experience in pro wrestling. It is designed to be a learning experience and opportunity. Over 100 talents have appeared on NXT TV, EVOLVE, SHINE, Full Impact Pro Wrestling, American Combat Wrestling and other WWN Family promotions after being discovered in a Seminar/Tryout or Recruitment Camp. Several have even been signed to EVOLVE contracts! Everyone has learned what it takes to become a better performer. This is normally material you can only learn at the WWE Performance Center.

The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout consists of a lecture and/or in ring demonstration from a special guest from NXT. All participants also get tryout matches, which will be taped in HD. Participants will get the footage to distribute however they want. You will receive a written evaluation from EVOLVE VP Of Talent Relations & Creative and WWE Creative Consultant Gabe Sapolsky. At least one talent will be selected to go to NXT TV as an extra. Other talents will be added to the EVOLVE event that night with future potential opportunities in WWN Family brands like SHINE, FIP and ACW. This is a learning experience and opportunity to get booked. The upcoming EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts are:

-October 11th in Atlanta, GA with special guest William Regal. This is almost sold out!
-November 10th in Brooklyn, NY with special guest TBA.
-December 7th in Chicago, IL with special guest TBA.

All interested parties should fill out the application at If you have not completed a reputable training course, please do not apply. You will be rejected. Please note all recent EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts have sold out. You can only reserve your spot with payment. There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges after you make payment. Thank you.

Announcing The EVOLVE 3-Day Recruitment Camp

There have been two EVOLVE 3-Day Recruitment Camps. These have been an enormous success. It is designed to be the most comprehensive learning experience possible with several special guests from NXT. It is a real opportunity as three wrestlers and one referee have earned 3-day tryouts at the WWE Performance Center. Stephen Wolf and Anthony Gutierrez have also been signed to EVOLVE contracts after participating in a Recruitment Camp. Referee Stephon Smith also earned a full time job in EVOLVE after participating in the first camp.

The next EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will be November 1st-November 3rd in Largo, FL at the WWN Training Center. We will have full details next week, but are taking applications now. The past Recruitment Camps have sold out well in advance. This is open to wrestlers, referees, managers and announcers. These special guests are already confirmed for November:

-NXT Coach Terry Taylor
-NXT Coach Norman Smiley
-NXT Coach Johnny Moss
-WWE Senior Director of Content and Talent Development Jeremy Borash
-NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa
-NXT Strength & Conditioning Coach Sean Hayes
-NXT Referee DA Brewer
-EVOLVE VP Of Talent Relations & Creative, WWE Creative Consultant Gabe Sapolsky

This is an opportunity to get the training and knowledge that you can normally only get if you are signed to WWE and training at the WWE Performance Center. Here are some of the features of the camp:

-At least one talent will be selected to take part in a 3-day tryout at the WWE Performance Center.

-At least one talent will be offered an EVOLVE contract.

-All participants will get tryout matches filmed in HD with multiple cameras.

-You will receive the same kind of coaching and advice that all WWE signed talent at the WWE Performance Center get from Coach Taylor, Coach Smiley and Coach Moss.

-Ciampa will share the lessons he’s learned that has led to some of the greatest matches in NXT history.

-Coach Hayes has an extensive background as a trainer in the NFL and at WWE. He will provide knowledge on how to get into the best shape possible.

-Borash brings his 20 plus years of experience to teach character development.

-Brewer started out in a Seminar/Tryout, earned a full time job in EVOLVE and got signed by WWE as a result. He now returns to teach the art of working with your referee.

-Sapolsky will be scouting, lecturing and providing feedback.

These are only a few of the things you will learn at the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp. This is a total education and incredible opportunity. We expect spots to fill up fast. Please fill out the application if you are interested. Spots can only be secured with payment. There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges.

This is the best time since the late ’90s to be talent in the professional wrestling business. There are more opportunities than ever. Everyone is hiring. Get educated. Get an opportunity. Learn. Improve. Become a Superstar.