Role In Frank Turner’s ‘The Next Storm’ Was Initially Pitched To Daniel Bryan, How CM Punk Got The Role Instead

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Role In Frank Turner’s ‘The Next Storm’ Was Initially Pitched To Daniel Bryan, How CM Punk Got The Role Instead

Frank Turner got the chance to square off with CM Punk in one of his music videos, but it almost could have been Daniel Bryan.

In a recent interview with Frank Mandolini of the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast, Frank Turner recalled working with CM Punk on the video of his song ‘The Next Storm’ and how originally Daniel Bryan was supposed to star in it. On Bryan being initially chosen to star in the video, the singer said the director pitched it with Bryan in mind, but contractual obligations with WWE and injuries prevented it from happening.

“I’ve been told Daniel Bryan was wearing one of my shirts. Had no idea who he was but it seemed cool and I think we had a conversation about it on Twitter. Ben Morse, who makes all of my videos, called me and pitched a video where I wrestled Daniel Bryan. We got in touch with him but he had contractual obligations with WWE and he couldn’t do it, then, at the time, he had his neck injury. He still comes to my shows when we play in America and still wears my t-shirts from time to time.”

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Turner then explained how CM Punk was brought on to the project, noting that a mutual acquaintance helped set things up.

“There’s a punk band from Minneapolis called Off With Their Heads and the singer Ryan, knew CM Punk. We got his email address, we explained the situation and he came back to us saying, ‘fuck it, why not?’ Researching on him I discovered the indie wrestling scene and I felt his story was really close to mine.”

Turner also spoke about training for the wrestling scenes in the video and said that he has some hilarious and scary memories from the set.

“There were a couple of moves that were really horrid. One was when I was on the ground and he was grinding on my face. It didn’t hurt but it was psychologically intimidating. The other one hilarious and terrifying was when Phil [CM Punk] said to Ben, ‘Why don’t we do the running knee strike to the face?’, Ben said that ‘sounds great!’, I said ‘that sounds awful!’ I had to stand on one corner post. He stood me there and said, ‘Stay 100% still, if you move you’ll get hurt’. Just the image of him running towards me, I had no idea what he was gonna do and I was like ‘FUUUCK!’ [laughs], then we did it again and I had to sell it.”

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