Rick Steiner shoots on beating up the jobbers | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Rick Steiner shoots on beating up the jobbers | Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this Wrestling Shoots video Rick Steiner talks about how he and Scott would work a stiff model in opposition to the job guys in WCW.

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Wrestling shoot interview
Rick Steiner shoots on beating up jobbers
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Skilled wrestling shoot interview
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I like pro wrestling grappler, as a result of they are gorgeous! did any of the workers ever refuse or complain about spoiled scott model space off i bear in mind studying about it all of the time yeah successfully um assist when uh turner first started it we'd hang these tv suits so it used to be never .

Uh high guys in opposition to towers they typically were heart guys in opposition to heart guys or the leisure so every time what tv you wrestled um the guys that they lift in from florida wherever else marvelous hadn't been on tv or the leisure and um so when we accumulate available hell we were marvelous getting getting started getting .

Over hell we so we were overly aggressive marvelous and uh we wouldn't if reality be told hurt the guys i point out heard them hurt them or um breaking bones or the leisure nonetheless we were laying them in stuff worship that and a range of guys had a range of complications with that anyone that .

You bear in mind particularly uh i bear in mind successfully there's just a few nonetheless i bear in mind clotheslining i gotta screw in my bicep here and that i bear in mind closing when i started doing that clothesline i i'd throw it as laborious as i could well perchance well i bear in mind catching guard here and busting his .

Enamel going thru his lip that heart stage um i bear in mind a guy messing up a couple strikes with my brother my brother marvelous beating the residing out of him for precise marvelous punching no longer attempting to destroy him after which i bear in mind over again in uh in .

Perry georgia we wrestled a piece one who used to be half blind and that i didn't comprehend it and he didn't comprehend it on the time i will't bear in mind the guy's name is nonetheless uh he extra or much less messed up the enact and we come assist we were pissed and there used to be a piece one there blonde had a guy he had blonde hair and he had a glum .

Beard and that i will't bear in mind his name anymore nonetheless he he made he thought he extra or much less thought used to be humorous all marvelous and uh he pissed my brother out each his fingers we ended up marvelous beating the out of him in the locker room marvelous there nonetheless uh it used to be a form of issues you .

Guys are stiff and likewise you guys are rough nonetheless in in the discontinue i deem that's what helped us
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Rick Steiner shoots on beating up the jobbers | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Rick Steiner shoots on beating up the jobbers | Wrestling Shoot Interview