Reigns Delivers Profound Dominance At WWE Clash (WrestleZone Podcast)

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Reigns Delivers Profound Dominance At WWE Clash (WrestleZone Podcast)

WrestleZone · WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS & ROMAN REIGNS DID WHAT?! (WrestleZone 9.28.20)

Roman Reigns had a profound performance in his WWE Universal title defense, humiliating his opponent and cousin Jey Uso in an emotional scene to close out WWE Clash of Champions. The night also saw an outcome many did not expect with Drew McIntyre defending the WWE title against Randy Orton with many past legends making returns. Sami Zayn had a conniving win over AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy in a violent WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match. WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam and podcaster/comedian Keith Paesel join the conversation with thousands of fans following the WWE Network event. This episode also addresses that big dream match question with Reigns and the Rock.

Posted by WrestleZone on Mandatory on Sunday, September 27, 2020

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