Recalling the Inspiration: WWE’s Plans for a Scrapped Feud with The Bella Twins

Recalling the Inspiration: WWE’s Plans for a Scrapped Feud with The Bella Twins
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Jessica McKay & Cassie Lee, formerly known as the IIconics in WWE and the IInspiration in IMPACT, discussed on their Off Her Chops podcast how a feud with The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) was set for them shortly after they won the women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania 35. 

However, the program fell through. Here is what they had to say: 


Lee: The story with The Bellas… We had heard through the grapevine or were we told?

McKay: I think they told us.

Lee: They told us. I think you’re right. The Bellas told us.

McKay: They DM’d us. I think so. I still have that DM (she laughed). I can probably go look at it. I can’t remember how the information got back to us. But it was later. It wasn’t like right after we won them.

Lee: We definitely didn’t know when we won them… We won the titles at WrestleMania and we were supposed to go into this story with The Bellas.

McKay: Up until SummerSlam. It was supposed to be a long feud.

Lee: Which would have probably changed the trajectory of our careers and that’s not no one’s fault. Everything happens for a reason. But, why did it not happen?

McKay: I think Nikki came out and said that she — she just wasn’t cleared.

Lee: Yeah. That sounds familiar.

McKay: I’m not sure what it was in particular… I can’t remember, it was so long ago and we didn’t really have all the information back then but, it was just I don’t think she was cleared to come back and wrestle full-time for four months. That’s a lot so, I just don’t think that unfortunately could happen… I always think about that. I’m like, f*ck, that really would have changed our careers drastically. But, it didn’t happen and it is what it is. That would have been a big bucket list tick off ours just because they’re a women’s tag team that we looked up to and stuff like that so, definitely would have been fun too. I think we could’ve had a lot of fun with them.

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Former WWE tag team Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee, known as the IIconics, recently discussed on their podcast, Off Her Chops, how a feud with The Bella Twins was planned for them after winning the women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania 35. Unfortunately, the program fell through due to Nikki Bella’s injury.

According to McKay and Lee, they were informed about the potential feud by The Bella Twins themselves. The information was relayed to them through a direct message on social media. However, the news came later and not immediately after their title win.

The feud with The Bella Twins was supposed to last until SummerSlam, which would have significantly impacted the trajectory of McKay and Lee’s careers. They expressed their disappointment that the feud did not happen but acknowledged that everything happens for a reason.

Nikki Bella’s inability to be cleared for full-time wrestling for four months was cited as the reason the feud could not take place. Although the exact details are hazy due to the passage of time, McKay and Lee believe that Nikki’s clearance issue prevented the highly anticipated storyline from unfolding.

Reflecting on what could have been, McKay mentioned that a feud with The Bella Twins would have been a significant achievement for them. The IIconics looked up to The Bella Twins as a women’s tag team and believed they could have had a lot of fun working with them.

While the missed opportunity was disappointing, McKay and Lee understand that things happen beyond their control in the wrestling industry. They remain positive and focused on their careers moving forward.

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