CM Punk Competes at the AEW All In 2023 Pay-Per-View Event

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For CM Punk, a lot went down at AEW All In 2023 and in the week that followed.

While he may no longer be with the company, Punk did wrestle legendary rival Samoa Joe in front of the largest paid attendance in professional wrestling history at Wembley Stadium in a hell of a wrestling match.


A rather brutal spot during the match saw Samoa Joe swing Punk right into the base of the announce desk at ringside, busting Punk open. Some fan footage has now surfaced online, showing how Punk cut himself open while he was invisible to the cameras.

CM Punk can be seen under the announce table, not using the traditional blading method, but rather stabbing himself relentlessly, until he started bleeding profusely.

You can check out the footage below:

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CM Punk’s Controversial Blood Incident at AEW All In 2023

In the world of professional wrestling, surprises and shocking moments are not uncommon. However, one incident at AEW All In 2023 involving CM Punk has sparked controversy and raised questions about the boundaries of the sport.

During a highly anticipated match against his legendary rival Samoa Joe, CM Punk found himself in a brutal spot that resulted in him bleeding profusely. The incident occurred when Samoa Joe swung Punk into the base of the announce desk at ringside, causing him to be busted open.

What made this incident even more controversial was the revelation that CM Punk cut himself open while he was invisible to the cameras. Fan footage that has recently surfaced online shows Punk under the announce table, not using the traditional blading method but rather stabbing himself relentlessly until he started bleeding.

The video, shared on Twitter by user Patrick The Heel, has garnered significant attention and sparked a debate among wrestling fans. Some argue that this incident demonstrates Punk’s dedication to his craft and his willingness to go to extreme lengths to create a compelling storyline. Others criticize the act as dangerous and unnecessary, questioning the ethics of intentionally causing harm to oneself for entertainment purposes.

Blading, also known as gigging or juicing, is a controversial practice in professional wrestling where wrestlers intentionally cut themselves to create the illusion of bleeding during a match. While blading has been a part of wrestling for decades, its use has become less common in recent years due to concerns about safety and the potential transmission of blood-borne diseases.

The incident involving CM Punk raises questions about the responsibility of wrestlers and promotions in ensuring the safety and well-being of performers. While professional wrestling is known for its scripted nature, it is essential to distinguish between planned stunts and actions that put wrestlers at risk.

AEW, the promotion where the incident took place, has not made an official statement regarding the incident. It remains to be seen if any disciplinary action will be taken or if this incident will lead to changes in the promotion’s policies regarding blading or similar practices.

As fans and critics continue to discuss the incident, it is important to remember that professional wrestling is a form of entertainment that relies on storytelling and spectacle. However, the well-being of the performers should always be a top priority, and any actions that compromise their safety should be carefully evaluated and addressed.

For the latest updates on this incident and other wrestling news, fans can visit or follow the website on Twitter and Facebook. As the wrestling community reflects on this controversial moment, it is crucial to foster discussions about the boundaries of the sport and the well-being of its performers.