QT Marshall Announces New Agreement with AEW

QT Marshall Announces New Agreement with AEW
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QT Marshall recently clarified his status with AEW as he wrestles and serves as a Vice President.

While speaking on the “Jofo in the Ring” podcast, Marshall was asked whether he had re-signed with AEW, which was recently reported as the case. He said,


“Yeah, so I will say this, I’ve always worked for AEW, I’m one of the Vice Presidents. That is a job that I have. The talent is just a second thing that I have as well, right? I’m lucky, I have two jobs. Like Brandon Cutler, two contracts, you know? So, yes, we’ve made another agreement and we’ll see what happens. I think ‘till the end of the year. I don’t know. The dirt sheets know more than me. I don’t know how, but yes, yes, I’m there. I won’t be going anywhere else except AAA and as many independent shows as I possibly can because I’m trying to break Orange Cassidy’s defense record. I think he did 32 in a year or and I’m trying to hit 33 before I lose this title. So, I think I’m at four so, I have a long way to go. But, I’ll wrestle anyone, any time, any place, anywhere except Jacq Rougeau.”

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QT Marshall, a professional wrestler and Vice President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently clarified his status with the company. In an interview on the “Jofo in the Ring” podcast, Marshall addressed rumors about his re-signing with AEW.

Marshall confirmed that he has always worked for AEW and holds the position of Vice President. He emphasized that being a talent is just one aspect of his job, and he considers himself fortunate to have two roles within the company. Marshall compared his situation to that of Brandon Cutler, another AEW wrestler who also holds two contracts.

Regarding his contract status, Marshall revealed that he has made another agreement with AEW, but he is unsure of the details. He mentioned that the “dirt sheets,” a term used to refer to wrestling news websites, often have more information than he does. Despite this uncertainty, Marshall stated that he will remain with AEW and has no plans to go anywhere else except for occasional appearances in AAA (Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide) and independent shows.

Marshall also shared his personal goal of breaking Orange Cassidy’s defense record. Cassidy had defended a title 32 times in a year, and Marshall aims to surpass that number by reaching 33 defenses before losing his own title. He expressed his willingness to wrestle anyone, anytime, anywhere, except for Jacq Rougeau.

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In conclusion, QT Marshall’s recent clarification on his status with AEW sheds light on his multiple roles within the company and his commitment to continuing his wrestling career. Fans can look forward to seeing him in action and following his journey as he strives to break Orange Cassidy’s record.