Kazuchika Okada Expresses Displeasure with His Experience in TNA Wrestling

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Kazuchika Okada reflects on his time at TNA Wrestling, which is now IMPACT.

He wrestled for the promotion in 2010 and 2011. During a backstage interview with NJPW after a match, he talked about his experience there.


“IMPACT Wrestling? Give me a break. There’s not a promotion I hate more in this world! But I was a pretty big Motor City fan back in the day. A little while back, we faced them in a tag three-way. I know exactly how good they are, but this is a three-on-three NEVER six-man match, and we’re walking in champions. Being the face of NJPW, I can say that I hate…Actually, I don’t give a damn about IMPACT. Who I really hated was TNA.”

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Kazuchika Okada Reflects on His Time at TNA Wrestling

Kazuchika Okada, one of the most prominent names in professional wrestling today, recently opened up about his time at TNA Wrestling, now known as IMPACT Wrestling. Okada wrestled for the promotion in 2010 and 2011, and during a backstage interview with NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) after a match, he shared his thoughts and experiences from that period.

In the interview, Okada expressed his disdain for TNA Wrestling, stating, “IMPACT Wrestling? Give me a break. There’s not a promotion I hate more in this world! But I was a pretty big Motor City fan back in the day.” He went on to mention a tag three-way match they had against Motor City Machine Guns, acknowledging their talent. However, he made it clear that his focus was on the upcoming three-on-three NEVER six-man match, where he and his team were the champions.

As the face of NJPW, Okada emphasized his indifference towards IMPACT Wrestling and clarified that it was TNA that he truly disliked. This statement reflects the tension that existed between the two promotions during that time.

Okada’s time at TNA Wrestling was not particularly successful or memorable. He was given the character of “Okato,” a masked wrestler with a stereotypical Asian gimmick. This portrayal did not showcase his true potential and limited his ability to connect with the audience. As a result, Okada’s stint at TNA Wrestling did not leave a lasting impact on his career.

However, Okada’s fortunes changed when he returned to NJPW in 2012. He was repackaged as “The Rainmaker” and quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the company’s top stars. Okada’s incredible in-ring skills, charismatic presence, and compelling storylines propelled him to the forefront of professional wrestling.

Since then, Okada has achieved numerous accolades and accomplishments. He has held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship multiple times and has been involved in several critically acclaimed matches, solidifying his status as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

While Okada’s time at TNA Wrestling may not have been a highlight of his career, it serves as a reminder of the challenges many wrestlers face when working for different promotions. The creative direction, character portrayals, and overall opportunities can greatly impact a wrestler’s trajectory.

In conclusion, Kazuchika Okada’s reflections on his time at TNA Wrestling shed light on the difficulties he faced during that period. Despite the negative experience, Okada’s determination and talent allowed him to overcome those obstacles and reach incredible heights in his career. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and staying true to oneself in the face of adversity.