“Perhaps we’ll forge our unique narrative for the Hart Bloodline.”

“Perhaps we’ll forge our unique narrative for the Hart Bloodline.”
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During a recent airing of WWE’s talk show, “The Bump,” both JBL and Natalya shared their insights on The Bloodline and the recent shakeups in the team following Roman Reigns’ TV hiatus.

Here are some key comments from their engaging discussion on the podcast:

JBL commented on the subsequent power shifts within The Bloodline in the wake of Roman Reigns’ temporary departure: “Voids invariably find a way to get filled, especially those related to power. The moment “father” leaves, or in this case, Roman exits the scene, someone or the other fills that space, often causing chaos until the void is properly filled. I believe that’s precisely what we’re observing right now with The Bloodline.”

On the topic of The Rock’s genealogy, specifically The Bloodline, Natalya said: “Upon seeing The Rock craft his family tree, I instantly sent Bret a message saying, ‘We should also create a family tree’ given our familial ties to the likes of Bret, Davey, Owen, Dynamite and naturally, Brian Pillman who was akin to an honorary Hart family member. The sheer magnitude of the Hart and Samoan families feels like a rivalry of sorts. Who knows, we might end up weaving our own unique Hart Bloodline narrative.”

Below is the complete episode of “WWE’s The Bump” featuring JBL and Natalya discussing The Bloodline and more:

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