Nyla Rose Talks Getting Comfortable On TV, Being Champion, More

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Nyla Rose Talks Getting Comfortable On TV, Being Champion, More

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Nyla Rose spoke with the media after AEW Revolution last night and was asked a variety of questions about her title reign and regular appearances on TV. Check out the highlights below.

How it feels to be an inspiration for many people that watch her:

Everybody can inspire everybody. Maybe if we stop being dicks, there is inspiration everywhere. If people find me inspiring cool but at the end of the day I am just trying to be the best me and right now I think I am doing pretty damn good.

On the criticism of the women’s division and trying to move it forward:

I am trying to make a change. I take it serious and I hope everyone else steps up their game and takes it serious too. I am not going to be someone easy who can just be mowed over. They have to come with their ‘A’ game.

On adjusting to being on cable regularly:

Week by week it is a learning curve but I think I am hitting my stride and I know what to expect each week. Time changes are still screwing me up each week. I think good things are in store for myself and for the future of AEW let alone the women’s division.

On if she thinks AEW should have a female producer:

How do you know we don’t? Shut-up. I don’t think it’s any of your business who I am working with. Let somebody ask a good question.

On her future goals:

I’m gonna be a one time champion. Nobody is taking this away from me. I am running the division. Maybe we need a second title because nobody is getting this one.

You can see the entire media scrum session with Nyla below. Let us know what you think of her responses in the comments below.

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