Cody Rhodes Says He Trademarked WCW Events To Irritate WWE

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Cody Rhodes Says He Trademarked WCW Events To Irritate WWE

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Cody Rhodes was recently a guest on AEW’s new Unrestricted podcast and he went into detail about why he decided to trademark so many old WCW names.

For those unaware, over the past year Cody has filed to trademark “Bash at the Beach,” Superbrawl,” Slamboree,” “Bunkhouse Stampede,” and much more. So why did Cody decide to trademark so many names? According to the man himself, it was to irritate WWE.

Cody said, “This was AEW’s first Bash at the Beach and it also might be AEW’s last. WWE is not particularly happy about all the trademarks I acquired. Trademark law is actually basic, everywhere but wrestling. Wrestling, there’s this idea that if you buy something but let it lapse, it’s still yours. The spoils of war. Wrestling legitimately had a war between WCW and WWE and WWE actually won.”

Cody went on to praise the WWE for how well organized the WWE Network is but admitted that they slacked off when it came to trademarks.

He said, “Anything that was connected to my dad, I wanted to pick up. I don’t know what my grand play is here, I just wanted to pick it up to have for my family. I’m not making any money off it. I think my grand scheme was, I was going to get as many things to irritate them as possible so they were just like, ‘You can have Starrcade.’ Great American Bash and Starrcade are 100% Dusty’s. I would rather have those than 100 Slamborees.”

Transcription credit for the above goes to Fightful.

WWE currently holds a Starrcade each year that keeps the trademark active. Cody Rhodes also discussed what he has learned from Tony Khan on the podcast which was covered on Wrestlezone here. Listen to the entire episode below.

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