NXT Orlando Gets In The Holiday Spirit With Halloween Battle Royales (Video)

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NXT Orlando Gets In The Holiday Spirit With Halloween Battle Royales (Video)WWE NXT Live Results

NXT had a house show in Orlando this evening, but it was no ordinary affair. Talent from across the roster got in the Halloween spirit, appearing in costumes and playing gimmicks from wrestling’s past during a pair of holiday-themed battle royales

The force is strong with Shayna Baszler in her victory.

DARTH BASZLER #NXTOrlando #HappyHalloween @QoSBaszler pic.twitter.com/qE91uNS5hM

— Kyle (@FLWrestlingFan) October 31, 2019

DARTH BASZLER wins the battle royal by using the force #NXTOrlando #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/rtyT5G9rnF

— Kyle (@FLWrestlingFan) November 1, 2019

Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox turned back the clock, appearing as 2000s era Kane and Triple H. This version of Kane even got in some action against “Chyna”, here played by Shane Thorne.

So @TripleH and @KaneWWE walk into a bar…

Thank you @RheaRipley_WWE and @TeganNoxWWE_ #NXTOrlando #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/T126rU0TcJ

— Kyle (@FLWrestlingFan) November 1, 2019

KANE JUST CHOKESLAMMED CHYNA STRAIGHT TO HELL @ShaneThorneWWE @TeganNoxWWE_ #NXTOrlando #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/AVodSHXkv2

— Kyle (@FLWrestlingFan) November 1, 2019

Even current NXT stars were not immune from the holiday portrayals.

FINN BALLERINA @FinnBalor @JessiKameaWWE #HappyHalloween #NXTOrlando pic.twitter.com/7rIYA9z7jg

— Kyle (@FLWrestlingFan) October 31, 2019

The first entrant, @jessamynduke as @SuperKingofBros #NXTOrlando pic.twitter.com/gR2fxC987D

— Tarra (@Tarratastic) October 31, 2019

One match featured a wrestling panda, which pretty much says it all.

I CANT 😂😂😂 #NXTOrlando pic.twitter.com/yBNzo7nSY0

— Tarra (@Tarratastic) November 1, 2019

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