No Filter Now: Britt Baker Credits Her Evolution To Owning Reality And Shoving It Down People’s Throats

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No Filter Now: Britt Baker Credits Her Evolution To Owning Reality And Shoving It Down People’s Throats

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. isn’t sure she’s a heel, but she is now owning reality and throwing it back at the people that mocked her to start her All Elite Wrestling career.

Baker spoke with WrestleZone about her shift in behavior over the past few months, as she’s been embracing jeers and rubbing her success in people’s faces. When asked what she’d credit for her evolution in wrestling, Baker said it’s all thanks to the fans and being honest. She’s taking her real-life background and turning it up a few notches, a practice some other all-time greats have done and said was the secret to their success.

“It’s honestly the fans and their blatant disrespect for all my achievements and accomplishments and to make a mockery out of me because I do have two ‘plan A’ careers. I am a dentist and a wrestler, and I’m successful in both and because I became the laughingstock, it pissed me off. So now I’m not gonna sugarcoat it,” Baker stated. “I am better than all of you. I am better than pretty much everybody, I literally am a role model. That’s not a joke, it’s not a gimmick, it’s not a character, I am a role model. I have two ‘plan A’ careers. Who else can say that? Nobody. So it really came down to just owning reality and I’m shoving it down people’s throats even more and at the end of the day, it’s just no filter now.”

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Baker isn’t sure if she sees herself as a “heel” or villain, but what it really breaks down to is she’s saying what others think, but can’t or won’t say.

“That’s what I’m doing and turning it up to 10. So if that makes me the bad guy, sure I’ll be the bad guy. If it makes me the good guy one day, cool, I’ll be the good guy too. But all I’m doing—it’s reality,” Baker said. “I’m throwing reality in your face.”

Mustafa Ali recently shared a similar sentiment, explaining that he spent years being the “good guy” and taking it on the chin, but Retribution gave him the platform to complain about real-life issues. Baker says she agrees with that approach, noting that she’s just saying what she really thinks and sees it as honest—and a little payback for how she was treated upon arriving in AEW.

“Everything that I’m saying is honestly pretty much truly how I feel. And if I can add my own little twang to it to get under people’s skin a little bit more, sure, I’ll do that,” Baker explained. “That’s just my receipt for the blatant disrespect for my whole first six months in AEW.”

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