Nigel McGuinness Has Been Furloughed By WWE

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Nigel McGuinness Has Been Furloughed By WWE

Nigel McGuinness

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

NXT has been missing a significant asset to it’s core commentary in Nigel McGuinness and according to The Wrestling Observer, it’s because the wrestler turned analyst has been furloughed by WWE.

Dave Meltzer confirms in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that McGuinness joined the names of Gerald Brisco and several top agents as employees to be currently furloughed by the company. McGuinness has recently been a voice for the WWE UK brand, but the latest episodes of the program have been “Best Of” compilations. When the pandemic regulations took in to effect, McGuinness and his commentary colleague Beth Phoenix were two of the talents to remain home primarily in fact that he and Beth both have small children at home.

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