Jesse Ventura Gets A Grassroots Movement Encouraging Him To Run For President

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Jesse Ventura Gets A Grassroots Movement Encouraging Him To Run For President

Jesse Ventura


Jesse Ventura may have announced that he would not be running for president during the 2020 election, but that didn’t stop a group of grassroot campaigners in getting a body of people together to ask “The Mind” to reconsider.

The website goes by the slogan of “Draft Jesse” and there’s a video showcasing the ideals and viewpoints that Ventura could bring to a third party ticket.

The Draft Jesse campaign gives further details as to what would make Ventura a viable third party candidate.

We’re a grassroots movement, we’re an uprising.
We’re your friends and neighbors.

We have had enough of the media, Democrats and Republicans manipulating us –always selling us short. Manufactured, lifetime politicians have failed us once too often. We face a time filled with unprecedented environmental and medical crises, and we have a government unwilling and unprepared to handle it.

It’s time for a political revolution, and we’re drafting Jesse to help lead us to victory.

Jesse Ventura has a strong track record of speaking truth to power.
He is an independent, experienced statesman, and veteran.
Let’s #DraftJesse for the Green Party Presidential nominee.

We know Jesse is America’s ‘Hail Mary’ to unite the independent voting majority in this country and take it back from the monied interests and corrupt political elite who for too long have denied American citizens any true representation in Washington.

America was created of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Join us – let’s shatter the establishment duopoly,
re-invigorate our democratic roots, and make history together.

Comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore did pick up on the campaign and gave his opinion on the significance of having Ventura run on a third party ticket, particularly to debate the Democratic Party’s Joe Biden and fellow WWE Hall Of Famer President Trump.

Back in late April, Ventura did post on Twitter that he was going to “test the waters” of the presidency.

“OK, I’ve decided I’m going to test the waters. IF I were going to run for president, the GREEN party would be my first choice. I’ve endorsed the party and I’m testing the waters,” Ventura followed up with another Tweet: To be clear: I haven’t filed anything. I authorized a letter of interest that was sent on my behalf to the Greens and I’m testing the waters for Green Party nomination. I’m an independent. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican because I know they’re not the solution.”

A little more than a week later, Ventura announced that he was not going to be running due to the fact that he’d have to leave his job which in turn would cause him lose his health insurance, citing that his medical condition was one of his concerns.

“Unfortunately logistics are not going to allow that to happen,” Ventura said back in early May.

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