Nick Aldis Reflects on His Match Against Cody Rhodes at AEW All In 2018

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Nick Aldis battled Cody Rhodes at the inaugural All In pay-per-view event in 2018, and the WWE SmackDown General Manager reflected on the match during a recent appearance on the “Gabby AF” podcast.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the two being in WWE now: “Yeah, I mean look, obviously different paths. Obviously when Cody and I locked up in Chicago in 2018, there was a very big gap in terms of status at that point, obviously that is still the case and I’m not ashamed to say that. For me, that night, it was — we had done three or four months worth of build to get to that and people were there still talk about it, people will still discover it and talk about it now and I think that’s the real beauty of WWE, right, every day you get fans that find it and have never seen it before and they go, ‘Wait, the GM guy? Oh my God, woah. I just watched that match and it was amazing.’ So, you’re still benefiting from it but I think that even though we’re obviously in different positions, but again, looking at the positives, I called up here asking for one job and they gave me two, so that’s pretty cool and Cody is literally in the spot that everybody in the industry wants. So for him to be there, he’s been a great help to me. I know he was a positive advocate and influence right before I came.”

On looking back at the match: “For me to applaud his success and for him to be happy for me getting an opportunity, that’s a nice thing for us to reflect on and we look back at that day and just go, ‘Well, I’m just glad that after everything we did for that one night in Chicago, we’ve both been able to sort of reap the benefits in different ways. My job on that night was to ascend to his level, was to make sure that people didn’t look at that night as a coronation because it would’ve been kind of flat. That was up to me to be a formidable obstacle where people weren’t sure that it would go the way they think it would go and I felt like we accomplished that, I think the reaction in the building that night sort of confirmed that. Off the back of that, I was able to build a brand for myself and he was able to enhance the brand that he had already started and now he’s taken that to the highest he can take it and maybe he finally reaches the top of the mountain at WrestleMania. I sit in a position where I have the opportunity to help shape the industry for next decade or so. Cream rises to the top.”

In 2018, Nick Aldis and Cody Rhodes faced off in a highly anticipated match at the inaugural All In pay-per-view event. Recently, Aldis, who now serves as the WWE SmackDown General Manager, reflected on the match during an appearance on the “Gabby AF” podcast.

During the podcast, Aldis discussed the different paths he and Rhodes have taken since their match in 2018. At that time, there was a significant gap in terms of their status in the industry. Aldis acknowledged this and stated that he is not ashamed to admit it. However, he believes that the beauty of WWE is that fans continue to discover and talk about their match, even years later. He mentioned that new fans often come across the match and are amazed by it, which shows the lasting impact it had.

Despite their different positions in the industry now, Aldis expressed his admiration for Rhodes and the success he has achieved. He mentioned that Rhodes is in a spot that everyone in the industry desires and that he has been a great help to him personally. Aldis also acknowledged Rhodes’ positive influence on him before he joined WWE.

When looking back at the match, Aldis emphasized the importance of both of them being happy for each other’s success. He mentioned that after everything they did for that one night in Chicago, they have both been able to reap the benefits in different ways. Aldis saw his role in the match as ascending to Rhodes’ level and ensuring that it wasn’t seen as a mere coronation. He wanted to be a formidable obstacle and create uncertainty among the audience about the match’s outcome. Judging by the reaction in the building that night, Aldis believes they accomplished their goal.

Since then, Aldis has built his own brand while Rhodes has further enhanced his existing brand. Rhodes has now reached a position where he may finally reach the top of the mountain at WrestleMania. On the other hand, Aldis sees himself in a position to shape the industry for the next decade or so. He believes that cream rises to the top and is optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead.

In conclusion, Nick Aldis and Cody Rhodes’ match at All In in 2018 holds a special place in their careers. Despite their different paths in the industry, they have both found success and continue to support each other. The match itself was a significant moment, and its impact is still felt today. Both Aldis and Rhodes have benefited from it and are now in positions of influence within the wrestling industry.