Barry Horowitz Tells CRAZY Billy Jack Haynes Tales!

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Barry Horowitz Tells CRAZY Billy Jack Haynes Tales!
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Right here is one more beautiful wrestler. International Powell asks any badass Billy Jack Haynes tales sure oh this is correct this is correct um first of all I've labored with Billy Jack um as soon as or twice no complications loves telling jokes within the locker room staunch.

Tales they're funny as even supposing they're irregular they're crazy however you gotta snicker and I've heard he was a sizzling head I heard he's acquired a temper I've by no technique I've witnessed it twice by no technique smitten by it uh I assume one time we had been in Punta Gorda Florida Rick Crude was within the ring Percy Pringle was the supervisor I assume Percy hit Billy.

Jack with the the cane too sturdy it must have been genuinely sturdy and most likely it's steered Billy he got right here lend a hand and I'm standing there within the lobby however the marks aren't there and he's like in his face yelling rips Percy's glasses off and breaks them and throws them down I assume hours later the subsequent day he.

Apologized and equipped him unique ones he may presumably additionally fair have hit him so sturdy and I will insist I've been there when these items have took place I genuinely have considered Percy attain sure issues where restful down Percy you're factual a supervisor don't play the Gibbs the ribs and stuff like that don't zip up the body gain on me I'm claustrophobic and he.

Did it and that's no longer frigid that's no longer fragment of wrestling by the technique it's it's no longer frigid so um I don't neglect stuff like that that one don't neglect and don't forgive uh there's others too however um so Billy Jack so I'm on the Bayfront Center which is an iconic building in St.

Petersburg Florida I've always went there when I was a baby and now I'm performing there and I'm there because the Florida heavyweight champion I imply lend a hand then within the event you had been to Florida heavyweight champion you had been being groomed for the enviornment championship Jack Briscoe was fashioned uh after which locals didn't earn that belt didn't earn treated like that.

The very best doubtless americans I know hardcore native is me Brian Blair Steve Kern I'm obvious there's others however I'm factual utilizing them on the dwell of my list so I don't know what took place however that tiger Conway Jr roughly a warmth seeker I had a reveal with him we are in a position to transfer into that or we don't.

Must however let's we'll factual follow this one Bayfront Center I don't know if he wrestled or he didn't Wahoo was in keep I cherished Wahoo McDaniel as a Booker because he needs you to battle and within the event you don't attain the job or within the event you don't tear earn your gain and earn out they want to employ that protection this day however they’ll thanks to of.

Politics and and negotiations with contracts and whatnot so I assume allegedly Billy said something no uh tiger said something to Billy Jack I don't know what it was I don't know if it alive to a girl I'm I'm no longer I'm no longer sure however Billy Jack grabbed him.

He had a tall afro and he grabbed him like correct right here James and he's punching them so unheard of and he can't transfer your hair is like so you're getting typically excuse me he was getting punched so unheard of and it hurts so unheard of he eventually acquired it and it factual pulled a little bit of hair out of his out of his out of his cup and I have confidence he went to his automobile alongside with his boots.

On and every thing I don't teach he was considered I have confidence he was fired and every thing and or that or or he was fired after my match because he didn't desire to construct me over and I beat him with the glove and in general you earn beat with the glove you lay there I flip around Pat myself on the lend a hand he's up sooner than me Wahoo saw that.

Fired him and edited the film and repeated to conclude a week for a month on TV me beating him however no longer him jumping up they and I nothing towards the fellow and he tried to stiff me a little bit bit within the ring and I gave him a couple receipts I will rob only so unheard of I don't mind snugness I've labored in Japan it's fragment.

Of the alternate uh like Dr debt Steve Williams says hi there this is authentic wrestling this isn't ballet all americans would be a authentic wrestler creating wealth so I could presumably rob the staunch with the spoiled however when I have confidence someone shooting on me or two I'll buzz him after which I don't buzz him I'll factual proceed him lend a hand there's factual must be that technique no longer.

Purchasing for it I'm a employee however did you did you ever hear um there was a legend that I heard when Billy Jack was in his rookie years and he wished to thought like one among the veterans with the Tudor pairs so he acquired pliers and started chewing away his hang ears to invent them cauliflower by no technique heard that fable by no technique.

Neatly there you tear then that's successfully yeah I heard so I heard oh correct correct interesting frigid however factual tear up to Randy Couture and question him yeah I'm obvious he'll support you to out a few to the aspect as successfully he wouldn't even want the gamers oh hell yeah.

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Barry Horowitz Tells CRAZY Billy Jack Haynes Tales!

Barry Horowitz Tells CRAZY Billy Jack Haynes Tales!