New Developments Highlighting Jim Ross’ Positive Journey

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Due to health concerns over the past year, Jim Ross had to reduce his involvement in announcing duties for AEW.

On February 1, Ross revealed that he had undergone cancer surgery on his right hip and was recovering. However, on Monday, he had another surgery.

Ross’ podcast co-host, Conrad Thompson, shared the following update on Twitter:

“Just FaceTimed with @JRsBBQ and he’s in great spirits and thinking he will get to go home soon! His nurses are taking great care of him and his lovely daughter is there helping run point. He asked me to let everyone know the latest and if you don’t mind, throw one up for him! 🙏🏻”

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Jim Ross, legendary wrestling announcer and commentator, has been facing health concerns over the past year. Known for his iconic voice and extensive knowledge of the wrestling industry, Ross has had to reduce his involvement in announcing duties for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) due to his health issues.

On February 1, Ross revealed that he had undergone cancer surgery on his right hip and was in the process of recovering. However, on Monday, he had to undergo another surgery, adding to his health struggles. The news of his surgery was shared by his podcast co-host, Conrad Thompson, on Twitter.

Thompson provided an update on Ross’s condition, stating that he had recently FaceTimed with him and that Ross was in great spirits. He also mentioned that Ross was hopeful about being able to go home soon. Thompson expressed gratitude for the nurses who were taking care of Ross and mentioned that his daughter was there to help manage his care. Thompson requested that fans and well-wishers keep Ross in their thoughts and prayers.

The wrestling community and fans around the world have been sending their best wishes and support to Ross during this challenging time. Ross is a beloved figure in the wrestling industry, having worked for various promotions over the years, including WWE and AEW. His distinctive voice and insightful commentary have made him a fan favorite.

Ross’s health struggles have highlighted the importance of prioritizing one’s well-being and seeking appropriate medical care. It serves as a reminder that even individuals in the public eye face health challenges and need support from their loved ones and fans.

As fans, we can show our support for Jim Ross by sending positive messages, sharing our favorite moments from his career, and respecting his privacy during his recovery process. It is crucial to remember that behind the larger-than-life personas in the wrestling world are real people who face real-life challenges.

We wish Jim Ross a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the announcer’s chair soon, doing what he loves and entertaining fans with his passion for professional wrestling.