Brooks Jensen’s Actions on WWE NXT Following Karmen Petrovic’s Injury

Brooks Jensen’s Actions on WWE NXT Following Karmen Petrovic’s Injury
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Wrestler Karmen Petrovic has sustained an injury and is temporarily sidelined. The injury was revealed during WWE NXT’s Tuesday night episode, where Petrovic made an appearance with a crutch, supporting Natalya instead of competing against Izzi Dame as originally planned. Petrovic was injured during a previous NXT live event over the weekend. Petrovic’s last match was on May 31st against Jakara Jackson.

Brooks Jensen, amidst his ongoing storyline simmering with anger towards Shawn Michaels and the NXT management, strode to the ringside area during a break in the same WWE NXT episode. Jensen passionately expressed his feelings towards commentators Vic Joseph and Booker T before being escorted out by officials.

Providing further insights on his feelings, Jensen later shared on Twitter: “For three years I’ve been working hard, displaying respect, doing everything required of me to climb the ladder, yet it appears my efforts are unnoticed. When I attempt to communicate my thoughts, to question why, they remove me from the premises. The silver lining here is that now I am free to pursue opportunities elsewhere. Who knows, I might make it elsewhere.”

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