Mustafa Ali On Not Tearing Others Down, The Benefit Of Social Media And More

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Mustafa Ali On Not Tearing Others Down, The Benefit Of Social Media And More

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

On TV, Mustafa Ali tries to be the light in the dark for the WWE Universe. In a recent interview with Jim Stratman of News 14, Ali discussed that philosophy and other topics. In a time when man wrestlers criticize social media, Ali discussed its merits. “What’s really cool about social media is people are learning the man or the woman behind the superstar,” said Ali. “I think my following, my fan base, they realize what the message is behind all this: why I compete, why I fight with all my heart, why I say the things that I say, why I respond to certain internet trolls the way that I do. And my whole philosophy, my message is, ‘Be the light in the dark.’ There’s plenty of dark times around us. There’s plenty of dark moments around us but it’s on us as a society, as people, as human beings, to be that light. And I think that’s what’s having people flock toward me a bit.”

Ali also said that he doesn’t follow the usual method of building yourself up on TV. “If you watch WWE programming any other programming, a lot of people are elevated by tearing other people down,” said Ali. “That’s the way they elevate themselves, by ripping someone down. I’m not about that. So I think it’s kind of a fresh, new way and, to me, it’s the way I’ve lived my entire life. ”

Ali also reflected on his career and how he used to hide his identity because he didn’t want to be forced to play the villain. “I wore a luchadore mask when I first started out to hide the fact that I was Muslim, to hide the fact that I was Pakistani and Indian.” Ali said that, now, the progression of society has allowed him to be himself, without wearing a mask. “It’s 2020, man,” said Ali. “We as a people are advancing.”

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