Moose Walks Out Of IMPACT Rebellion With The TNA Championship

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Moose Walks Out Of IMPACT Rebellion With The TNA Championship


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

After a very strange series of events, Moose is now the TNA Champion. Kind of.

.@TheMooseNation has arrived with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. #Rebellion


IMPACT Rebellion was supposed to be main evented by a triple threat between Tessa Blanchard, Michael Elgin, and Eddie Edwards. After the coronavirus pandemic left only Elgin on the card, who said he wanted to be declared IMPACT Champion by default. While this was in the process of happening, Elgin was interrupted by Moose, who came out wearing the TNA Championship for no explained reason.

Moose said Elgin needs an opponent and that he was complaining like a “little b—-.” Just when the match was about to be made, Hernandez came down to the ring and got inserted into the unofficial title bout.

The match saw all three men find some success, but it was Moose that came out on top. The finish occurred after Elgin hit an Elgin Bomb on Hernandez and Moose pulled the ref out of the ring. After jawing with the ref, Elgin was hit by a dive by Hernandez. Moose would recover and spear Hernandez for the victory. While the belt isn’t being recognized by IMPACT, Moose held the TNA title proudly in the air as the show ended.

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