Marty Scurll Says There’s ‘No Reason’ For ROH & AEW To Not Work Together

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Marty Scurll Says There’s ‘No Reason’ For ROH & AEW To Not Work Together

Marty Scurll

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Marty Scurll was recently on the first episode of Ring of Honor’s ROHStrong Podcast, where he discussed a handful of topics, including the possibility of Ring of Honor ever working with All Elite Wrestling. According to Scurll, he doesn’t see why the two can’t get together at some point.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not,” he said (transcription via Post Wrestling). “It would have to be a matter of timing and a matter of, I spoke about [it] previously, just where it would benefit both companies but like I said, I have an amazing relationship with The Bucks especially. I still talk to them on a regular basis. I have a pretty good relationship with Tony Khan and I think both parties are definitely willing to work with each other. It’s just a matter of timing I guess. Like when it would be suitable to do so. So it’s definitely something I wouldn’t rule out for sure. I’m not saying anything will happen. I’m just saying I wouldn’t rule it out. There’s no reason why we wouldn’t. The timing needs to be correct. It needs to be a fitting situation for us to work together. I’d personally like to see it happen at some point.”

While there’s no concrete information about the two companies working together, it’s good to see Scurll be open to the idea of collaborating with another brand.

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