Monday Morning Q&A: Exploring the Fallout of AEW Full Gear and Previewing WarGames and More

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Welcome back to another Monday Morning Q&A where I toss out some questions to get a feel of how you guys and gals are feeling about certain topics.

So here are 5 questions I’d like to toss out for this week. I’ll give my answers, too, but the key here is that I want to know what YOU think! So make sure you chime in!

1) Eddie Kingston has decided to put both the ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship on the line in the AEW Continental Classic Tournament. How do you see this playing out? Is this a good idea, or does it distract from the tournament?


Honestly, I think it’s a mistake. Now, I’m going to assume Kingston wins all of his matches and goes to the finals. If that does happen, it takes all the fun out of watching his bouts, because there’s no element of surprise. There’s an easy out by setting up a future challenger for his belts by having someone pin him in a non-title match during this tournament to set up their spot as No. 1 contender, but now, they just win the titles and have to essentially go on to win the tournament, too? Or, they win the belts, then quickly drop them to the tournament winner? Huh? The only way around that is to have him win everything up until at least the final, and, again, that means I should just watch the matches he’s not in to determine who fights Kingston at Worlds End.

Also, I’m hoping this isn’t an actual belt they’re fighting for. AEW doesn’t need another midcard title, let alone one that sounds like it’s exactly the same as the International Championship. What would differentiate the Continental Championship? And if it isn’t a belt, why are they calling it a Triple Crown Championship situation for the winner?

Sounds like a questionable decision in my book. We’ll have to see how it plays out, but that announcement did more to sour my feelings on this tournament than hype it up.

2) What would you say was your highlight and low point of AEW Full Gear?

My highlight was definitely the Texas Death Match. That had so many moments in it that made me wince and will certainly be a Match of the Year candidate I think about for my end of the year awards. It won’t win that, I’d imagine, but it will be something I think back on. I also think it went a long way in boosting Swerve Strickland’s stock going forward, which is a massive bonus.

The low point, if I’m not going to do a cop out and say “I’d have cut some time on some of the matches and the first two pre-show bouts and made a better pacing call”, would have to go to the wardrobe malfunction with Toni Storm’s metal plate. All of that came off so clunky and not in a way that I found endearing and funny. Just bad. There have been far worse things out there, for sure, but that situation made me roll my eyes.

3) WarGames is coming up this weekend. What changes to the Survivor Series card, if any, do you think we’re in store for over this week?

The only thing I feel is a lock would be Drew McIntyre being added to Judgment Day’s team, with at least a tease of who Cody Rhodes will be bringing in for his team, if not the full reveal. I’m hoping that it isn’t LA Knight, as it doesn’t make any sense for him to start feuding with The Judgment Day, and that it is Randy Orton. If I were a betting man, it would be just that that I would place my money on.

However, I am starting to buy into this hubbub over the idea of Shinsuke Nakamura fighting CM Punk. I don’t know why. It’s not very logical. But my gut says something is up. Maybe Nakamura gets scheduled for a match against someone else and my radar is off.

No US title match will be on here. LA Knight against Solo Sikoa stands a chance to happen, but I don’t know if I’d bank on that.

4) There’s a heel vs heel tag title match coming up this week on SmackDown, which is rare. Do you think The Judgment Day will retain, or will The Street Profits walk away with the belts?

This is interesting to me. Are they going with a tag title match just out of the blue because they think that’ll pop a rating on FS1? Or is there something else to this?

With WarGames being this weekend, and this the go-home episode, I could very well see a scenario where The Judgment Day ends up being distracted by Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, or anyone on their team. Then, with that going on and Bobby Lashley ringside, The Street Profits win the titles, allowing The Judgment Day to have a split of sorts after Survivor Series, excommunicating Damian Priest, now that JD McDonagh is a full-fledged member and Priest had asserted himself the leader. If they lose the WarGames match, they can look at him as the failure and the weak point, but that can’t happen if they’re still holding the tag titles.

I’m still not entirely sold on that taking place. The Street Profits have been failing to live up to Lashley’s hype more often than not. So maybe, this is just a match for the sake of it. But I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on it than I would have if it were The Judgment Day against a team like The O.C. or The Brawling Brutes.

5) How do you see this scandal angle with Chase University playing out?

I’m convinced WWE doesn’t even know what the foundation of this is. All the language used around it is so vague that it strikes me they haven’t settled on what the controversy is, let alone the next steps to take. Everyone just keeps saying things like “they have no proof”…of what?

The more of a focal point that’s put on Jacy Jayne and Andre Chase together, the more I’m supposed to think they’re in cahoots in some fashion. However, I think that’s all going to be a ruse. Eventually, it’ll come out that Jayne did something in Chase’s name, tarnished the image, and that’ll be what sets Thea Hail back to being a full-blown babyface to feud with her. Since Deadline is right around the corner, and the card will already be stacked, I don’t think this story will finish then, but more so at New Year’s Evil or maybe even Vengeance Day.

Let us know your thoughts about these questions by answering them in the comments!

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The wrestling world is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as the AEW Continental Classic Tournament approaches. However, there are some questions and concerns surrounding the tournament that have fans scratching their heads.

One of the biggest talking points is Eddie Kingston’s decision to put both the ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship on the line in the tournament. While this may initially sound like an exciting idea, it raises some potential issues. If Kingston wins all of his matches and reaches the finals, there will be no element of surprise in his bouts. Additionally, it creates a complicated situation for the tournament winner. They would not only have to win the tournament but also win the titles, which could lead to confusion and convoluted storylines. Furthermore, the introduction of another midcard title, the Continental Championship, seems unnecessary and could potentially dilute the importance of existing titles.

Moving on to AEW Full Gear, fans were treated to some incredible matches and moments. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the Texas Death Match, which featured intense action and memorable moments that will be remembered for years to come. This match elevated the stock of Swerve Strickland and showcased his abilities as a top-tier performer. However, the event was not without its low points. One such moment was the wardrobe malfunction involving Toni Storm’s metal plate. This incident felt clunky and did not add any value to the show, leaving fans feeling disappointed.

Looking ahead to the upcoming WarGames event, fans are speculating about potential changes to the Survivor Series card. One expected change is the addition of Drew McIntyre to Judgment Day’s team, with Cody Rhodes possibly revealing his team members. There is also speculation about a match between Shinsuke Nakamura and CM Punk, although it may not be the most logical matchup. As for the US title match, it remains uncertain if it will be included on the card.

In an unusual twist, SmackDown will feature a heel vs. heel tag title match. This rarity has fans intrigued about the outcome. One possible scenario is The Judgment Day being distracted by Cody Rhodes or another member of their team, leading to The Street Profits winning the titles. This could set up a split within The Judgment Day after Survivor Series, with Damian Priest being blamed for the loss.

Lastly, there is a scandal angle involving Chase University that has fans puzzled. The lack of clarity surrounding the controversy has left fans wondering what exactly the issue is. It is speculated that Jacy Jayne and Andre Chase may be involved in some sort of collaboration, but it is likely a ruse. Eventually, it is expected that Jayne will be revealed as the one who tarnished Chase’s name, leading to a feud between her and Thea Hail.

As the wrestling world continues to evolve and surprise fans, it is important to stay informed and engaged with all the latest news and developments. Whether it’s through websites like or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, fans can stay connected and share their thoughts on the exciting world of professional wrestling.