MJF Thanks God For Richard Holliday, Condemns The ‘Losers’ Of Baltimore

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MJF Thanks God For Richard Holliday, Condemns The ‘Losers’ Of Baltimore

MJF was gracious enough to grant me an interview at Starrcast IV (after he demanded a small fee for his time) while in Baltimore and had plenty to say about The Charm City and its fine residents. “The Burberry Backstabber” was asked how he was enjoying his weekend, and he said things weren’t as up to snuff as he’s used to.

“So here’s the thing—I’m from Plainview, Long Island, New York, a place where people are attractive and affluent and not inbred,” MJF said. “I just wasn’t prepared for all the disgusting, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging losers that are around me today right now.”

Being a member of The Dynasty stable, I asked MJF about his partnership with Richard Holliday and unlike what he ended up doing at Full Gear, you can tell Max is all on board with MLW’s ‘Most Marketable’ man. “Richard Holliday is one of the best talents I’ve ever been in the ring with,” MJF said. “I thank God every day that he is my tag team partner at Major League Wrestling and I also thank God every day that The Dynasty had been formed.”

He does, however, agree that his tag partner might have a bit of a caffeine addiction.

“Yeah, he’s got a problem. We love him. We love him though. Actually, don’t tell anybody—but we were thinking about having a little intervention. Me and Hammer just sitting him down with a therapist, trying to figure out what’s going on. Nobody should drink that match coffee. The man had fourteen cups before our match at the last show.”

As the interview was rolling along smoothly, MJF took notice of Taz on the Starrcast stage for the “A Boy & His Dinosaur” panel he was hosting. Max began to yell out to the fellow Long Island native, so I asked him what made him relate to the Human Suplex Machine so well. “Uh, NYC, bro. That’s how we relate.” MJF said. “We’re both from New York; proud, powerful, love it. A little bit different parts of New York but when you’re a New Yorker, you’re a New Yorker.”

Finally, I asked about his (now former) friend Cody’s AEW World Championship match with Chris Jericho, and MJF’s words didn’t turn against him as he did on “The American Nightmare” this past Saturday.

“This is the most important match-up in his entire career, obviously, and all I can do is just be there for him as a friend, as a protégé. I understand how much this match means to him and that’s why this match means so much to me as well.”

Yeah… look how that turned out.

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