Miro Decides Against Wrestling Barefoot in the Future, Citing the Need for Compensation

Miro Decides Against Wrestling Barefoot in the Future, Citing the Need for Compensation
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AEW’s Miro isn’t interested in showing off his “really great feet” but could be persuaded to let his piggies loose for the right price.

After years of competing barefoot, Miro donned boots in 2015 after a backbody drop outside the ring by Ryback resulted in the Bulgarian breaking his ankle.


On “Hey! (EW),” Miro was asked if there was asked if he’ll wrestle barefoot again and alluded to fans paying to see his feet. He said,

“No, no. People want to pay to see that…  I have pretty good feet and nails. I go to a pedicure. I love pedicures. No manicures, just pedicures… Really great feet. I should be a foot model. Hand model, I can’t because I broke all my fingers and all the scars. My feet, though, there is potential there.”

Miro joined AEW in 2020 and is a former TNT Champion. His wife CJ Perry joined the promotion at AEW All Out earlier this year.

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Miro, a professional wrestler in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently revealed that he is not interested in showcasing his feet in the ring. However, he hinted that he might consider it if fans were willing to pay for the opportunity.

Miro, formerly known as Rusev in WWE, used to wrestle barefoot for many years. However, in 2015, during a match against Ryback, he suffered a broken ankle after a backbody drop outside the ring. Since then, he has been wearing boots for protection.

During an interview on “Hey! (EW),” Miro was asked if he would ever wrestle barefoot again. In response, he mentioned that people would have to pay to see his feet. He expressed his confidence in his feet’s appearance and even mentioned his regular visits to get pedicures. Miro jokingly suggested that he could be a foot model due to his well-maintained feet.

Miro joined AEW in 2020 and has achieved significant success in the promotion. He became the TNT Champion and has been involved in various storylines and matches. His wife, CJ Perry (formerly known as Lana in WWE), also joined AEW earlier this year.

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In conclusion, Miro’s recent comments about his feet have sparked curiosity among fans. While he may not be interested in showcasing them for free, he hinted that there might be potential for fans to see his feet if the price is right. As a talented wrestler in AEW, Miro continues to entertain fans with his skills and charisma inside the ring.