Latest Update on WWE’s Interest in NJPW Star: Insights from Behind the Scenes

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As previously reported here on EWN, WWE has shown significant interest in Giulia, a prominent international star. WWE is actively pursuing the current New Japan Strong Women’s Champion.

Giulia made her wrestling debut in the Ice Ribbon promotion back in 2017. Two years later, she transitioned to World Wonder STARDOM, where she achieved success. She won the New Japan Strong Women’s Championship by defeating Willow Nightingale.


On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that she is not allowed to sign with anyone, including WWE, until her deal is up in March.

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WWE Pursuing International Star Giulia for Contract

WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion, has recently expressed a significant interest in signing Giulia, a prominent international star. The company is actively pursuing the current New Japan Strong Women’s Champion, hoping to add her to their roster of talented wrestlers.

Giulia began her wrestling career in 2017 with the Ice Ribbon promotion. Over the years, she gained recognition for her skills and dedication to the sport. In 2019, she made a transition to World Wonder STARDOM, where she achieved great success and became a fan favorite.

One of Giulia’s notable accomplishments was winning the New Japan Strong Women’s Championship. She achieved this feat by defeating Willow Nightingale, showcasing her talent and determination in the ring. This victory further solidified her status as a top-tier wrestler.

However, despite WWE’s interest in signing Giulia, she is currently bound by a contract that prevents her from signing with any other promotion until it expires in March. This means that fans will have to wait a little longer before they see her potentially make her debut in WWE.

The news of WWE’s pursuit of Giulia has generated excitement among wrestling fans worldwide. Many are eager to see how she would fare in the highly competitive environment of WWE and how her unique wrestling style would be showcased on a larger stage.

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In conclusion, WWE’s pursuit of Giulia, the current New Japan Strong Women’s Champion, has sparked interest and anticipation among wrestling fans. While her contract prevents an immediate move to WWE, the possibility of seeing her compete in the company is an exciting prospect. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits her future, fans can rely on for the latest updates and comprehensive coverage of the sport.