Mercedes Mone asserts that AEW offers an abundance of opportunities.

Mercedes Mone asserts that AEW offers an abundance of opportunities.
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In a recent interview with sports news platform, TMZ Sports, Mercedes Mone, the reigning AEW TBS Champion, explained her reasoning behind aligning herself with AEW.

Here are some key insight she highlighted in the interview:

Mercedes on her decision to join AEW: “We just marked our five-year anniversary last Sunday, and it’s clear that AEW is making a seismic impact within the wrestling industry. It’s the first real challenger WWE has faced in an incredibly long time. It’s undeniable that AEW is now the stage where the best athletes step in to wrestle. The roster boasts the likes of myself, the unparalleled TBS Women’s Champion, Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, Swerve Strickland and Willow Nightingale, amongst many others.”

Mercedes speaking of AEW’s impressive roster: “Our roster is flooded with astounding, unparalleled talent. Without a platform like AEW, where would these individuals showcase their skills? Where would I find my place? We are all so appreciative of AEW. Each week, whether it be on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, performers are consistently stepping up to the plate and hitting home runs. We’re redefining the game because we’re hungry and ready to take it on. I’m here to globalize women’s wrestling.”

Mercedes on why she prioritized being a part of AEW: “The next intriguing element for me is the Forbidden Door. I’m always keen to see who’s next in line for this challenge. It could be someone from Stardom, New Japan, or CMLL. The dreams and opportunities within AEW are simply limitless. I have the freedom to do it all, and that’s intrinsically why I opted to be a part of this team”.