Megan Morant Shares Her Experience with Pat McAfee’s Kindness towards Others

Megan Morant Shares Her Experience with Pat McAfee’s Kindness towards Others
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During a recent appearance on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, WWE backstage interviewer Megan Morant commented on her colleagues in WWE as well as her first WrestleMania experience and Pat McAfee being “so kind” to everyone in the company. She said,

“My first WrestleMania in Dallas, Pat McAfee being there and Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out was amazing — and nobody knew that second night that he was gonna be there. Just hearing the glass shattering and him and Pat was awesome. It was really cool for me, I started the week after Pat had started. I think the world of Pat. One of the things about Pat is that he’s so kind to everyone. He knows everyone’s name, the people who mic you up, the people who do camera work, everybody, Pat knows their name and just getting to watch him be who he is was cool for somebody who wants to be in television for a long time, whether that be in sports entertainment or sports or wherever it may be. He’s a star and watching what he does is very cool.”


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WWE backstage interviewer Megan Morant recently shared her thoughts on her colleagues in WWE, her first WrestleMania experience, and her admiration for Pat McAfee. Morant appeared on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast and expressed her excitement about her first WrestleMania in Dallas.

One of the highlights for Morant was the surprise appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin on the second night of WrestleMania. She described the moment as amazing, with the crowd erupting when they heard the glass shattering and saw Austin and Pat McAfee together. Morant mentioned that it was particularly special for her because she started working in WWE the week after McAfee joined. She holds McAfee in high regard and appreciates his kindness towards everyone in the company.

Morant emphasized McAfee’s ability to remember everyone’s name, including the people behind the scenes who mic up the talent and work on camera. She finds this quality inspiring as someone aspiring to have a long career in television, whether in sports entertainment or other fields. Morant sees McAfee as a star and admires his work.

To learn more about Megan Morant’s journey in WWE and her thoughts on various topics, you can watch her interview on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, which is embedded in the article.

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In conclusion, Megan Morant’s appearance on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast provided insights into her experiences in WWE, including her first WrestleMania and her admiration for Pat McAfee. Her positive remarks about McAfee’s kindness and professionalism highlight his impact within the company. Wrestling fans can find more news and updates on and its social media platforms.