Michael Cole and I had planned a pay-per-view match in WWE, reveals Top Dolla

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AJ “Top Dolla” Francis says that he and Michael Cole wanted a match on a WWE pay-per-view event.

Taking to Twitter, the former WWE Superstar revealed that the two men were working together on having a possible match that would have seen Pat McAfee involved. He wrote,


“Wait until you idiots realize me and Michael was working together and y’all was too dense to catch on. Michael Cole is a real one.

“Me and Cole wanted a match at a PLE.

We even had it planned out. I throw him around for 5 minutes, I get cocky and get distracted by (insert any wrestler here) & he beats me with a small package”

After a fan suggested the distraction could have been McAfee, Francis wrote,

“Yeah this was a plan we had as well”

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Former WWE Superstar AJ “Top Dolla” Francis recently revealed on Twitter that he and Michael Cole had plans for a match on a WWE pay-per-view event. The match would have also involved Pat McAfee. Francis expressed his admiration for Michael Cole, calling him a “real one” and shared the details of their planned match.

According to Francis, the match would have started with him throwing Michael Cole around for five minutes. However, he would then get cocky and get distracted by another wrestler, allowing Cole to defeat him with a small package. When a fan suggested that McAfee could have been the wrestler to distract Francis, he confirmed that it was part of their plan as well.

This revelation from AJ Francis sheds light on the behind-the-scenes discussions and ideas that wrestlers and commentators may have for their matches. It shows that even though certain storylines and matches may not make it to the final card of a pay-per-view event, there are often creative ideas being discussed among the talent.

AJ Francis’s tweet sparked interest among wrestling fans, who were intrigued by the potential match between him and Michael Cole. It also highlighted the respect and camaraderie between wrestlers and commentators within the WWE.

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