Marina Shafir Critiques the WWE NXT System as Illogical

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Marina Shafir recently appeared on the “Wilde On” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including the injuries that ended her MMA career.

Additionally, the former WWE Superstar commented on learning the skills she would need during her time in WWE NXT. While she does credit her NXT coaches, she says the system doesn’t make any sense.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the injuries that ended her run in MMA: “I had to take them f**king serious and rehab them because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to use my left hand — just some really bad neck sh*t, and it spooked me, so I kinda went on a healing path.”

On the lead-up to her recruitment by WWE: “I was hustling. I was a stunt worker… And then I kinda tried to hustle in the entertainment business… They came to me and were like, ‘Hey, there’s an opportunity for you.’ I would’ve been an idiot not to take it.”

On learning the skills she would need at NXT: “Everything I learned at NXT, I still use to this day. I had great coaches. But the system doesn’t f**king make sense.”

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Marina Shafir, a former WWE Superstar and MMA fighter, recently appeared on the “Wilde On” podcast to discuss various topics, including the injuries that ultimately ended her MMA career. Shafir revealed that she had to take her injuries seriously and undergo rehabilitation in order to continue using her left hand. She mentioned experiencing severe neck issues that frightened her, leading her to focus on healing.

Before joining WWE, Shafir had been involved in the entertainment industry as a stunt worker. She mentioned hustling in the business and trying to make a name for herself. However, when WWE approached her with an opportunity, she couldn’t pass it up. Shafir acknowledged that declining the offer would have been foolish.

During her time at WWE NXT, Shafir learned valuable skills that she continues to utilize today. She expressed gratitude towards her coaches for their guidance. However, she also criticized the system, stating that it doesn’t make sense. Although she didn’t elaborate on the specifics of her criticism, it suggests that there may be flaws or inefficiencies within the training and development structure at NXT.

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Marina Shafir’s interview sheds light on her journey from MMA to WWE and offers insights into the challenges and experiences she faced along the way. Her comments about her injuries and the NXT system provide fans with a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes aspects of professional wrestling.