Latest Impact Wrestling Updates: Highlights of Will Ospreay’s Speech, Exciting Lineup Revealed for Thursday’s Show, and More

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Impact Wrestling posted the following video, showing Will Ospreay’s complete post-show speech to the audience at the recent Turning Point event:


The following matches will be taking place on this week’s episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV:

* Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham
* Tasha Steelz vs. Deonna Purrazzo
* No DQ Match: Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Crazzy Steve

Revelree sent out the following press release today, announcing IMPACT’s Throwback Throwdown 4 event:

IMPACT Wrestling confirmed today that Throwback Throwdown 4 is set for Saturday night, November 11, featuring the popular, over-the-top stars of the 1980s from the IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation (IPWF).

– IMPACT announced details for both TNA Hard To Kill & Snake Eyes, with Titanium Package tickets now on sale:

Titanium Ticket Package Details Revealed for TNA Hard To Kill & Snake Eyes in Las Vegas
The Titanium Ticket Package for HARD TO KILL and the SNAKE EYES on Saturday & Sunday, January 14, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas are on sale at Titanium is the premiere ticket packet for the TNA Wrestling shows, loaded with perks. Here’s some of what Titanium ticket buyers can expect in Las Vegas. Note: not all perks will be offered both nights and the Titanium ticket-package in Las Vegas is per night, unlike most past IMPACT Wrestling shows.

* Front-row tickets for the Hard To Kill PPV on Saturday, January 13 or the Snake Eyes Extravaganza on Sunday, January 14, both at The Palms Casino Resort.
* First fans admitted into the building both nights. A representative from TNA will give you a wristband outside of the venue both nights; please wear it to help ID you for the various perks.
* A 10% discount on purchases made at the TNA Wrestling Merch Stand at The Palms. Be sure to show your wristband to sales associate.
* Mounted Event Poster
* Swag Bag with exclusive TNA Wrestling branded goodies.
* Commemorative Photo-Op after the show on Saturday.
* Commemorative Photo-op before the show on Sunday.
* Post-show raffle both nights.

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Will Ospreay’s Impact Wrestling Speech at Turning Point Event

Will Ospreay, one of the most talented and popular professional wrestlers in the world, recently gave an emotional post-show speech at the Turning Point event organized by Impact Wrestling. In the speech, Ospreay expressed his gratitude to the audience and shared his personal connection to the promotion.

Ospreay began his speech by stating, “Whatever happens come February, just know…I am always going to be in your corner.” This statement reflects his dedication and loyalty to the fans who have supported him throughout his career. He then revealed that he was born into wrestling as a TNA (Total Nonstop Action) kid, referring to the previous name of Impact Wrestling. This revelation highlights his deep-rooted connection to the promotion and his desire to see new fans embrace it as he did.

The video of Ospreay’s speech was posted by Impact Wrestling on Twitter, where it quickly gained attention and generated positive responses from fans. The speech showcased Ospreay’s genuine appreciation for the audience and his commitment to the wrestling industry.

In addition to Ospreay’s speech, Impact Wrestling also announced several exciting matches for their upcoming episode on AXS TV. These matches include Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley facing Jonathan Gresham, Tasha Steelz taking on Deonna Purrazzo, and a No DQ match between Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer and Crazzy Steve. These matches promise to deliver thrilling action and continue to build the excitement surrounding Impact Wrestling.

Furthermore, Revelree, a leading wrestling news outlet, released a press release announcing IMPACT’s Throwback Throwdown 4 event. This event is set to take place on Saturday night, November 11, and will feature the popular stars of the 1980s from the IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation (IPWF). The inclusion of these over-the-top stars from the past adds a nostalgic element to the event and is sure to captivate fans.

In other news, Impact Wrestling also revealed details for two upcoming events: TNA Hard To Kill and Snake Eyes. Titanium Package tickets for these events are now on sale at The Titanium Package offers fans exclusive perks, including front-row tickets, early admission to the venue, a discount on merchandise, a mounted event poster, a swag bag with exclusive TNA Wrestling branded goodies, commemorative photo-ops, and post-show raffles. These packages provide an enhanced experience for fans attending the shows and demonstrate Impact Wrestling’s commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment.

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Overall, Will Ospreay’s heartfelt speech at the Turning Point event, along with the exciting matches and upcoming events announced by Impact Wrestling, has generated significant buzz within the wrestling community. With the promotion’s continued efforts to provide thrilling entertainment and engage with their dedicated fanbase, Impact Wrestling is poised to make a lasting impact in the industry.