Logan Paul’s Bold Statement: “Whoever Wants It, They Can Come Get It” and Latest Undertaker News

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As we reported earlier today here on eWn, Logan Paul recently appeared on FOX Business where he revealed that he was likely “retired” from boxing and would be focusing his attention on wrestling moving forward. The newly-crowned United States Champion said,

“Yeah, I think I’m retired from boxing. I’ve done enough going fully undefeated at 25-0. I’m going to be a wrestler now. No more money in boxing, every company is going broke. Full-time wrestler. Beat Rey Mysterio. Fair and square for the US Championship. It feels great. It was a dominant performance. Some frog splashes, some punches, it feels good.”


When Paul was asked about possible matches where he could defend his title, he said anyone who wants it can come and get it. He said,

“I have to defend this belt. There are going to be people coming after me. Seth Rollins, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes. Whoever wants it, they can come get it. Mr. Bad Bunny. Whoever wants it can come get it. I have stuff to do in WWE.”

The Undertaker has teamed up with Nine Line Apparel for a new limited-time “Six Feet Under” collection. The merchandise, which you can order here, will be available until November 27th.

And finally, the Wipeout series made its return to TBS on Tuesday night for its season premiere. The show brought in 450,000 total viewers, with a 0.09 rating in key 18 – 49 demographic.

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Logan Paul, the popular YouTuber and social media influencer, recently made headlines when he announced his retirement from boxing and his intention to pursue a career in wrestling. In an interview with FOX Business, Paul stated that he had achieved enough in boxing, boasting an undefeated record of 25-0, and now wanted to focus on wrestling.

Paul, who recently won the United States Championship, expressed his excitement about his new venture into wrestling. He mentioned that he felt there was no more money in boxing and that many companies were going broke. He declared himself a full-time wrestler and expressed his satisfaction with his dominant performance against Rey Mysterio to win the US Championship. Paul mentioned using frog splashes and punches during the match.

When asked about potential challengers for his title, Paul confidently stated that anyone who wanted it could come and get it. He named several wrestlers, including Seth Rollins, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes, and even Mr. Bad Bunny, as potential contenders for his championship. Paul emphasized his commitment to defending his belt and mentioned having obligations within WWE.

In other wrestling news, legendary wrestler The Undertaker has collaborated with Nine Line Apparel for a limited-time “Six Feet Under” collection. Fans can order merchandise from this collection until November 27th. This collaboration offers fans a chance to own unique apparel inspired by The Undertaker’s iconic persona.

Additionally, the popular TV show “Wipeout” made its return to TBS with its season premiere. The show attracted 450,000 viewers in total, with a 0.09 rating in the key 18-49 demographic. Fans of the show can look forward to more exciting episodes in the upcoming season.

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In conclusion, Logan Paul’s decision to retire from boxing and pursue a career in wrestling has created a buzz in the sports and entertainment industry. With his newfound passion for wrestling, Paul aims to defend his United States Championship against formidable opponents. Meanwhile, The Undertaker’s collaboration with Nine Line Apparel offers fans a chance to own exclusive merchandise. Lastly, the return of “Wipeout” promises more thrilling episodes for fans of the show. Stay tuned to eWrestlingNews.com for all the latest updates in the wrestling world.