Konnan’s Perspective: AEW’s Current Approach to MJF’s Exposure

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During the latest edition of his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, Konnan commented on his belief that AEW is overexposing MJF these days.

According to K-Dogg, he doesn’t think the AEW World Heavyweight Champion should be involved in “five different feuds” right now.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the breadth of AEW’s use of MJF in various current storylines: “Being in five different feuds is mega exposure, you should want to wait to see him. He should come out once, maybe twice a show, that is it.”

On if the numbers indicate MJF is losing his ability to draw an audience: “You do not need to be an expert to see that the most charismatic, most over, one of the biggest merch sellers, and great on the mic and good to great matches is him. You can’t put the company problems on him, he’s doing his part.”

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In the world of professional wrestling, the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion has been making waves with its exciting matches and talented roster. One wrestler who has been in the spotlight recently is MJF, the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. However, not everyone is happy with his current exposure.

During a recent episode of his podcast called “Keepin’ It 100,” Konnan expressed his belief that AEW is overexposing MJF. Konnan, also known as K-Dogg, stated that he doesn’t think the AEW World Heavyweight Champion should be involved in “five different feuds” at the moment.

Konnan’s opinion is that such extensive involvement in multiple storylines is excessive exposure for a champion. He believes that fans should anticipate seeing MJF and that he should only make one or two appearances per show. According to Konnan, this limited exposure would create a sense of anticipation and make MJF’s appearances more impactful.

However, Konnan also acknowledged MJF’s undeniable talent and popularity. He described him as charismatic, over with the audience, a top merchandise seller, and excellent on the microphone. Konnan believes that MJF is doing his part to contribute to the success of AEW and shouldn’t be blamed for any issues the company may be facing.

It’s worth noting that opinions on this matter may vary among wrestling fans and industry insiders. Some may agree with Konnan’s perspective, while others may argue that MJF’s involvement in multiple feuds showcases his versatility and ability to carry storylines. Ultimately, it’s up to AEW and its creative team to determine how they want to utilize their talent.

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In conclusion, Konnan’s comments on his podcast about MJF’s exposure in AEW have sparked a discussion among wrestling fans. While some agree with his viewpoint, others may see MJF’s involvement in multiple feuds as a testament to his skills and versatility. As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how AEW manages its talent and storylines to keep fans engaged and entertained.