Liv Morgan Talks Lana Angle, Her New Character, And Elimination Chamber

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Liv Morgan Talks Lana Angle, Her New Character, And Elimination Chamber

Photo Credit: Wrestle Yard

New York Post recently talked to Liv Morgan about her recent makeover. She also discussed the upcoming Elimination Chamber match this weekend and her controversial angle with Lana.

Check out highlights below:

On being in an Elimination Chamber match:

The Elimination Chamber match, I feel like, is the biggest opportunity I’ve gotten so far in my career. I’m taking it very, very, very, very, very seriously. I just came back from a nine-month hiatus where I got a makeover and did a lot of self-discovery. I feel like I need this win more than anyone. I need this win more than anyone else in this match. Not only that, we have Ruby and Sarah. Our friendship pretty much blew up. So there are a lot of factors in this match.

If she’s happy she was introduced with the Lana/Lashley wedding and if that story will pop back up:

I am happy. I think it was very shocking. I think it came out of left field and no one expected it, and I think maybe that was the goal.

I don’t think anything is dead in WWE. I can’t really answer that, but I do think the door is open for it to be touched on again.

What she wants viewers to know about her new character:

Just that I’m confident, I’m comfortable within myself, by myself. I don’t need to do these extra things to get people’s attention. I can get attention on my own with my work. I don’t need these extra factors to get noticed anymore. I’m not shuffled in with other people.

I’m still growing. You don’t just grow and stop growing in nine months. I’m still figuring out my footing and my placing, and it’s just a work in progress.

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