Lance Storm’s Guidance to Dominik is Unveiled by Rey Mysterio

Lance Storm’s Guidance to Dominik is Unveiled by Rey Mysterio
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In a recent exclusive with CBS Sports, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Rey Mysterio shared some views about his son, Dominik Mysterio’s professional journey in WWE.

Here are some key points from that interview:

On advice Lance Storm gave to Dominik, Mysterio had this to say: “Being compared with me will be inevitable. Let these comparisons not distract you. Follow your own passion and objectives. Always be open to suggestions, and then analyze them to work out what’s best for you.”

Speaking about dealing with negativity, he remarked, “I’ve never let negativity affect my career or personal life. I’ve always brushed it off. I’ve told Dominik several times, ‘Keep moving, always go with what you genuinely believe is right.'”

Rey Mysterio had a landmark victory over Dominik in a parent-child one-on-one match at last year’s WrestleMania 39 pay-per-view event. Prior to this, during the same week, Rey Mysterio was honored with a WWE Hall of Fame induction as one of the Class of 2023 members.

Currently, Dominik Mysterio is involved in a storyline with The Judgment Day and the Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan. It appears that Morgan is utilizing Dominik as a means to enact revenge on “Mami.”