Chris Jericho posits that he would have hung his wrestling boots by now if it weren’t for AEW.

Chris Jericho posits that he would have hung his wrestling boots by now if it weren’t for AEW.
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Chris Jericho, FTW Champion, opened up about the ongoing discussions for AEW’s forthcoming TV rights deal during a recent discussion with TMZ Sports.

Jericho further discussed the root of “The Learning Tree” idea, stressing on his dedication to AEW as more than just an obligation. The seasoned wrestler emphasized how he would have possibly retired by now if it weren’t for AEW.

The highlights from the interview can be viewed below:

Reflecting on slowing down: “ Critics might say that, which is the basis for the Learning Tree gimmick. Embrace it. I am aware, I can sense it. I know my abilities. Last thing I would want is to be here just for the sake of it. That’s not my style. I enjoy working for AEW. It’s possibly the most enjoyable period of my career. We’re developing together. AEW is my company in my eyes. I have been here since the beginning. We recently celebrated our five-year anniversary. With the TV deal this year and the record-breaking wrestling show last summer at Wembley, there are so many remarkable milestones. This feels like my band. I was one of the founders of this band, and I’m extremely proud of all that we’ve accomplished.”

Delving into the negotiation for AEW’s upcoming broadcast rights:  “What I’d love to see, especially as we’re nearing the end of negotiations, is securing the deal that I believe we deserve considering our demographics. Whether we’re topping cable ratings or only behind NBA and NHL on all of cable, we should get the deal that we’ve earned, and then really explore where we can take it.”

Emphasizing on ignoring the naysayers: “This exemplifies that if you aspire to achieve something, disregard the critics and go for it…The only advice I’d ever give anyone is if you aspire to accomplish something, just do it.”