Lacey Evans Talks Saudi Arabia Match With Natalya, Wanting To Help Those Struggling With Mental Health

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Lacey Evans Talks Saudi Arabia Match With Natalya, Wanting To Help Those Struggling With Mental Healthlacey evans

WWE star Lacey Evans was recently interviewed by UK to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Evans discussed her historic matchup with Natalya in Saudi Arabia this week, wanting to use her own experience with mental health to help others, and what she wants to be remembered for.

Here are the highlights:

Her groundbreaking match with Natalya in Saudi Arabia:

When I signed up for WWE my goal was to really impact the world and the people that I can, and we’re doing it one day at a time.

Wanting to use her own history with mental health to help others:

There’s a lot of people that are going through things that I went through, terrible things growing up. They question themselves, they question their futures, and I’ve been there. To think that I can possibly help and impact the people going through stuff like that is incredible to me. People are hurting, they’re suffering, they’re tired, they wanna give up. Drug addiction, depression – this is stuff that people face.

Mental instability, people face this every single day. To think that as a sports entertainer – or someone who has been through that – I can stand up and tell them that this too shall pass, that this isn’t how your life will be as long as you wanna change it. We have the voice to say those things and I love it.

Wanting people to remember Lacey Evans for what she stood for:

I would like to see it impact and help the depression and addiction side of life because that hits me so hard. My hardest days in WWE, when I’m tired, when I’m the most sore, that’s what I always revert back to and keep in my mind. That’s my mission.

Yeah, I’d love to be in the Hall of Fame, I’d love to make people remember the WWE superstar, but at the end of the day if they can just remember what Lacey Evans stood for in regards to a hard life and making people realise that it does not matter where you come from – you can do anything… ‘You need to get up, wash your face and battle the day – literally. That’s how you’re gonna be successful. Not money wise, I’m talking about successful, not depressed. I’m talking about successful, not sitting in a dark room because there’s no reason to get up. When you can find happiness, that’s success – and that’s my goal.

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