Lacey Evans On Feeling Blessed For Crown Jewel Opportunity, Representing SmackDown At Survivor Series

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Lacey Evans On Feeling Blessed For Crown Jewel Opportunity, Representing SmackDown At Survivor Series

Lacey Evans says she’s worked hard to get where she is today and hopes women keep getting more opportunities like the one she got by competing at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Evans spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam while doing a media appearance on WKQX 101 in Chicago to promote WWE’s Survivor Series weekend lineup. Evans spoke about her history-making match against Natalya at last month’s event, initially taking a lighthearted dig at her critics who said she “jumped the line” to get the opportunity. Speaking more candidly, Evans went on to say that it’s a motivating feeling to know what she did as a wrestler and as a mother, and hopes WWE can keep making changes like the one they were able to do this year.

“It was amazing to be able to represent this company which I love, to show the entire world what women are capable of, to help make change, especially as a mother with my daughter watching this take place, is motivating. I’ve done a lot of things in my life that women statistically couldn’t do or shouldn’t do, or has been frowned upon too,” Evans said, “and this was another one in the books for me to go out there and work my ass off like I do in everything in my life and show the world what women are capable of and open doors that people haven’t.

“We opened that door and the only thing I can hope is that people continue to go through those doors because WWE is a family-friendly and hard-working company. When it comes to breaking barriers and showing what women can do,” Evans said, “WWE highlights that and they are all for it and they push for that to happen. I was just very blessed to actually get to be a part of that, and worked hard to get there.”

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All of the talk in WWE leading into this week has been about brand supremacy and who will prevail at Survivor Series this weekend. Evans is part of Team SmackDown in the women’s elimination tag team match and she was asked who she might be looking to get her hands on. Evans said she’s not really interested in getting her hands on anyone because they’re nasties, but did say she still has her eye on the Women’s Championship on both brands.

“Look, I have to bring hand sanitizer with me everywhere that I go because of the nasty things that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Am I interested in getting my hands on anyone in particular? No. Do I want to represent SmackDown Live and show them that we are confident and what we can do? Absolutely.” Evans said. “If it could be my choice, I would get my hands on nobody but the SmackDown and RAW champions like I have before, to be the champion. That’s what Lacey Evans is. She’s a champion, and until she is [holding those titles] I’ll just sit here and do what I have to do until that time comes.”

Check out our full interview below:

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