Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE WrestleMania 36 Elite Series In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE WrestleMania 36 Elite Series In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this week’s installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the new Mattel WWE WrestleMania 36 Elite series that features a Build-A-Figure Danny Davis!

This set includes:

  • Kofi Kingston
  • Matt Hardy
  • Booker T
  • Mick Foley

Each figure in the set comes with parts to assemble Danny Davis, making you collect the set to build another figure.

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The Packaging

The packaging on these figures is nice as it’s very detailed and unique looking. It is very similar to that of the WrestleMania 36 Basics and Battle Packs, with a pirate theme and a yellow-ish color scheme. Within each box you can see the Danny Davis pieces as well as the other accessories each figure comes with. The back highlights the moment it’s based on as each figure is a different WrestleMania moment, obviously not an actual WrestleMania 36 moment being it hasn’t happened yet. The box of each box shows what build-a-figure pieces each figure comes with, too.

The cardboard of the boxes feels a bit thinner and flimsier than normal, so I’m not sure if Mattel changed the quality of the packaging or not. Just something unusual I thought I noticed when unboxing my set.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi is one of the more controversial figures in this set being that his head scan is a bit goofy looking. For some reason Mattel seems to have a hard time with his head scans more often than not. Some look better than others, but a lot of collectors were up in arms that Mattel re-used this not so well done scan from the Booty-Os Elite set awhile back. Besides the head issue the attire is very colorful and detailed. He has all of his tattoos along his back and arms as well, which are great details to make the figure pop. Not to mention he comes with swappable fist hands as well as the WWE title from his victory at Mania. He also comes with a set of Danny Davis hands in case you are confused why he has Caucasian hands in his box.

Overall, besides the head this figure is nice. It’s just not the best likeness for Kofi unfortunately but the attire and detail in general are really nice. If you want a Mania Kofi I recommend picking him up.

Matt Hardy

Matt is a pretty cool figure. He, too, has kind of a goofy head scan. This is the head from his cancelled Epic Moment’s set with Bray Wyatt. It’s a cheesy smiling scan, which isn’t as good as his previous “Broken” scan we’ve seen. Some people have done a head swap with those Basics and it looks really nice. Besides the head he does come with his robe, which is really well done. Mattel put a lot of effort into and the coolest part is that the latches that keep the robe closed are hidden as the buckles on it, which is really cool. To better understand feel free to look at the gallery below. Matt’s wrestling attire is nice underneath the robe as well, making him a great, official “Broken” Matt Hardy. He also comes with pointing hands and regular open hands. Not to mention Danny Davis’ head.

Overall, this Matt Hardy is nice. It’s a great “Broken” version that people have wanted for awhile now. My only suggestion is swapping the head with his latest WrestleMania Basic figure as it’s much more detailed and will create the “Broken” look much better.

Booker T

Booker is probably my favorite in the set as he’s really well done. It’s a younger Ruthless Aggression Era Booker T and they knocked it out of the park. He features his short dreadlocks hairdo as well as several swappable hands that will allow you to easily recreate his Spin-a-rooni. His attire is pretty simple as are his Booker T boots, but they captured his look very well. Booker also comes with the Danny Davis legs piece and both of his arms.

Overall, this is a great throwback Booker T and I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of his or simply want to collect all the wrestlers from that wrestling period.

Mick Foley

Lastly we have Mick Foley, the other very controversial in the set due to what many consider his worst head scan to date. I can say in photos it didn’t look so good, but in person it’s not quite as bad. It’s nowhere near as nice as his other ones on previous Elites but it’s not the worst scan by all means. What’s cool on his scan is you can see his teeth missing. Foley is rocking his plaid vest and Cactus Jack t-shirt from his Mania match against Edge. Not to mention his black pants and white gym shoes. He also has his signature gun-pointing hands besides regular hands that can hold accessories, such as a barbed wire bat. Foley comes with the chest piece of Danny Davis, too.

Overall, besides the head this Foley figure is really nice. It’s nice to have this outfit of his finally in an Elite form and if his head scan bothers you that much you could always swap it with one of his Cactus Jack figures.

Danny Davis

Lastly we have the Build-A-Figure Danny Davis who you build when you collect all four of the figures listed above in the set. Davis is pretty simple to snap together, just be patient when doing so. Davis looks really nice and was Mattel’s way of getting a referee in the line as collectors have been asking for one forever. He has swappable hands as well, which is surprising considering he is the one you assemble, but it’s really cool they did that for collectors.

If you want an old school ref I highly recommend collecting this set as I don’t know if we’ll ever see another one. He makes it that much more worthwhile to collect them all.

As mentioned you can currently get them over on Ringside Collectibles otherwise I’d imagine they’d be in stores closer to WrestleMania.

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