Konnan Reveals How Vince McMahon Allowed The Ultimate Warrior to Get Away with Numerous Incidents in WWE

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On a recent edition of his “Keepin’ It 100 podcast,” AAA booker Konnan recalled a backstage incident that involved a furious Ultimate Warrior yelling at Vince McMahon during a promo shoot in WWE.

McMahon let Warrior get away with a lot while in WWE, and Konnan guessed it was due to the fact that Warrior was making McMahon a ton of money.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On going to a WWE studio to record some promos late at night: “In WWE at that time, they had the same things we had in WCW — those soundproof rooms you would go into to cut regional promos for house shows and s**t like that. So it was really late at night, they’d cut these promos after the show, so we’re talking like one in the morning.”

On Ultimate Warrior’s altercation with McMahon: “I remember Ultimate Warrior coming out of the thing and he was like, ‘F*** this, f*** that’ and Vince was like, ‘Calm down, Warrior, it’s okay. You can do it tomorrow if you want to. Calm down.’ He was basically kissing the guy’s ass while the guy was cutting a promo on him in front of everybody. And I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, this guy must make Vince a lot of money for him to let him talk to him like that in front of everybody else.’”

It’s not exactly clear when this incident took place, but it likely happened when Konnan had some stints in WWE (then WWF) from 1991 to 1993, when Warrior was still with the company. You will recall that McMahon fired Warrior for the first time following his match at SummerSlam 1991. Warrior was later brought back at WrestleMania 8 in 1992. He was fired again later that year after failing a drug test.

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The Ultimate Warrior was one of the most iconic and controversial figures in professional wrestling history. Known for his intense energy and unique character, Warrior had a tumultuous relationship with WWE (then WWF) owner Vince McMahon. In a recent episode of the “Keepin’ It 100 podcast,” AAA booker Konnan shared a backstage incident involving Warrior and McMahon during a promo shoot.

According to Konnan, the incident occurred late at night in a WWE studio where they were recording promos. Warrior emerged from the soundproof room, visibly furious and using explicit language. Surprisingly, McMahon responded calmly, telling Warrior to calm down and offering to let him do the promo the next day. Konnan was taken aback by McMahon’s submissive behavior, speculating that Warrior’s financial success was the reason for McMahon’s leniency.

During his time in WWE, Warrior indeed generated significant revenue for the company. His popularity among fans translated into merchandise sales and increased ticket sales for live events. McMahon recognized the value of Warrior’s character and allowed him more freedom than other wrestlers. This incident serves as an example of how McMahon tolerated Warrior’s behavior due to his financial contributions.

The exact date of this incident is unclear, but it likely occurred between 1991 and 1993 when Konnan had short stints in WWE and Warrior was still with the company. It is worth noting that McMahon fired Warrior for the first time after SummerSlam 1991 but later rehired him for WrestleMania 8 in 1992. However, Warrior was fired again later that year after failing a drug test.

The backstage incident sheds light on the complex dynamics between wrestlers and management in the world of professional wrestling. While McMahon has been known for his strong personality and control over his talent, he seemed willing to tolerate Warrior’s outburst due to his financial value to the company.

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