Kofi Kingston Says WWE Decided Who Competed At WrestleMania 36’s Ladder Match

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Kofi Kingston Says WWE Decided Who Competed At WrestleMania 36’s Ladder Match

Photo by Bauzen/GC Images

Kofi Kingston took part in an incredible triple threat match at WrestleMania 36 with the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships on the line. However, it wasn’t a traditional tag team match, with just three superstars in the ring after Miz was forced to pull out of the match, and according to Kingston, it was up to WWE who participated in the match.

Speaking to talkSport, Kingston revealed that the revelation that Big E wouldn’t be wrestling in the match was a bit of a shock. “It was kind of strange because, number one, Woods is injured,” he said. “So he wasn’t there. [Big] E had to sit out because of the circumstances, so he wasn’t there.

“But at the same time, it was kind of similar to last year in a way because even though I won the WWE Championship, it was really all of us. Because without Woods and without E, I wouldn’t have been where I was.”

Kingston went on to say that it was a bit bittersweet to perform in a match at WrestleMania without any of his friends on hand. Despite that, though, he knows that the superstars still must put their best foot forward. “You always want to be involved at WrestleMania, no matter in what capacity it’s being presented, you always want to be on the show. Again, it’s a thing we have no control over, right?

“We’re going to have to do what we got to do. Then you work your hardest to go out there and deliver. Definitely bittersweet.”

Thankfully for Kingston, Big E did end up getting his moment, and he took advantage of it, winning his own triple threat match at Friday Night SmackDown to capture the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships for the team.

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