Johnny Gargano Talks Cinematic Matches, Wants To Face Seth Rollins

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Johnny Gargano Talks Cinematic Matches, Wants To Face Seth Rollins

Johnny Gargano

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Gargano recently sat down to talk with Mirror, where the NXT superstar talked about participating in cinematic matches in the future, facing Seth Rollins in the ring, and more. Check out some of the highlights below:

On handling things during the COVID-19 outbreak:

I have a Peloton bike so I am one of those guys now. I get up and have someone shouting at me but I love it, it’s great. I have it in my home gym, which was a spare bedroom. You make the best of what you got. I find as people everyone is really good at adapting and you just gotta make the best of things.

We have both been waiting for a while to get a dog just because we are not as home as much as we would want to be. It obviously takes time to housetrain a dog and make sure it doesn’t poop everywhere, but it still poops everywhere! I am running around picking up poop on the regular. We have some time now to train it and it is nice to be home. We are very ‘take things as they come’ and we are just trying to enjoy things as much as we can.

On his opinion of cinematic matches:

I thought that the Boneyard match was amazing – that was awesome. I loved the Firefly Fun House match too, you can call me weird but as a deep dive fan the match was genius. There were so many little deep dives and easter eggs throughout that you can go back and think ‘that was awesome’. They were so different and so cool.

On wanting to face Seth Rollins:

Well that [Finn Balor] didn’t work out well for me by the way. As far as guys go, I’m gonna shoot for the moon here and go for Seth Rollins. I would love to see him come back. So if Seth Rollins is free on any Wednesday and wants to come by, feel free Seth, come on by.

I heard his promo from Raw where he said that there wouldn’t be an NXT or Johnny Gargano without him. If he feels that way, he can feel free to come by on Wednesday, anytime.

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