Kevin Owens: Rey Mysterio Is ‘Everything A Wrestling Veteran Should Be’

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Kevin Owens: Rey Mysterio Is ‘Everything A Wrestling Veteran Should Be’

Kevin Owens

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Kevin Owens only just recently graced wrestling fans with his presence after his WrestleMania 36 banger with Seth Rollins. He’ll be renewing that rivalry tonight on RAW during what’s being called the Night of Grudges, inserting himself into the ongoing conflict between Seth’s congregation and Rey Mysterio and Son.

Speaking with ESPN, KO said how much he appreciated the opportunity to work with the legendary Mysterio.

When I heard he was coming back to WWE [in 2018], I was so pumped at the prospect of working with him, the prospect of being around him and just getting to learn. It’s not like I’m sitting under the learning tree. I just watch him, the kind of person he is, and I learn because that’s the kind of legacy I want to leave behind in wrestling.

Owens also commented on Mysterio’s son Dominick entering the business alongside his father, and how much he respects the effort Rey is putting in to integrate him correctly. “His son is now getting involved and it’s been great to see his son around. He’s everything a wrestling veteran should be.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kevin went into detail about his reasons for returning to WWE after the break, and his role in getting the company to enforce a mask policy.

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