Kenny Omega Previews His ‘Explosive’ Triple Threat Match At AEW Double Or Nothing

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Kenny Omega Previews His ‘Explosive’ Triple Threat Match At AEW Double Or Nothing

kenny omega

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

This weekend, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will defend his title against PAC and Orange Cassidy at the company’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

A contest involving both PAC and Cassidy can be considered the most difficult challenge Omega has faced in his reign up to this point, and the champion acknowledged the tough task that’s in front of him.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Omega previewed the triple threat title match and praised both of his contenders. First, he complimented PAC’s impressive physique and overall skill.

“Pac is a guy that is built like a brick s— house,” said Omega. “He looks like a bodybuilding champ, and he’s got that gremlin face. I don’t mean to say he’s not a handsome guy, but he looks mean. He also looks like an athlete, and he’s one of the most able-bodied professional wrestlers of all-time. He does it all with power and grace.

“He’s carved out a pathway to becoming a complete, all-around professional wrestler,” Omega says. “He cuts a very believable promo, too. Kenny Omega the character, he is very scared of someone like that. That’s a wrestler that can expose him.”

Omega also spoke highly of Cassidy’s in-ring talent and explained that people often take him lightly. For any opponent, that mistake would be crushing, but Omega is particularly driven to avoid that error.

“Orange Cassidy is the kind of wrestler that is polarizing,” said Omega. “He’s tremendous in the ring. People don’t always take him seriously. It looks like he doesn’t take himself seriously, so the last thing the Kenny Omega character would ever want is to lose to someone like Orange Cassidy. It’s going to be an explosive match.”

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Finally, the reigning AEW World Champion explained that while Don Callis (and plenty of other people) say that Omega is the greatest wrestler in the world, “The Best Bout Machine” needs to have the title around his waist to prove it.

“For the character, I need that championship as a sign of validation,” said Omega. “Even with Don Callis saying otherwise, the Kenny Omega character doesn’t believe he is the best without the belt.”

This Sunday, Omega will have a chance to earn another measure of that validation by defeating both PAC and Cassidy, two of AEW’s top stars, in the same match.